Xbox Is Down For Many Gamers.


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Is Xbox Live Down?

It appears Xbox Live is down for gamers across the globe. The service, which allows online play, and access to a catalog of movies, television, and games to purchase, has been offline for some time, to the point that Twitter accounts belonging to popular online-only games reported on the issue:

Xbox Support tweeted the issue, and also drew attention to the fact the Xbox website was down as well – though has returned to functionality as of 6:37pm Central Standard Time:

The issue started as long as two hours ago for some gamers, initially thought of as a Destiny specific problem.It’s clear now it’s more of a global issue.

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The current Xbox Live Status for ‘Core Services’ and ‘Purchase and Content Usage’, have alerts associated with them citing them as ‘limited’…which means Xbox Live is down. The issue is affecting Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 10, and Mobile devices that utilize the network.

With online functionality being such a huge aspect of console gameplay, this outage is frustrating. There was a similar outage during the Madden launch in August.

Normally, there’s a status update webpage for Xbox via Microsoft, but as the was down at the time of initial outage, gamers were relying on the Xbox Support Twitter Account. Thankfully the website has resumed functionality, although the status update website has fluctuated in-and-out of availability.

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As always, setting your console to ‘offline mode’ will allow you to access games that normally require an online check-in, depending on how you purchased them.

As a curious note, ‘Alien Paradox’ seems to suggest they’re responsible for the outage, though their lack of followers (and functioning website) seem to dissuade that notion:

As more games move toward online-focused gameplay, be it Elder Scrolls Online, Rocket League, Madden Ultimate Team, or Destiny 2, it’s becoming apparent that network stability will be a major pain point for gamers who are accustomed to playing what they want, when they want. The notion of being locked out due to back-end issues for the second extended period of time in 2 months, will surely leave gamers, currently with idle thumbs, with a sour taste in their mouth.

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