WWE Spoilers: Who Attacked Enzo Amore on ‘Monday Night Raw’?


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Enzo Amore is attacked on ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (WWE.com)

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Enzo Amore was mysteriously attacked, and the show ended without the identity of the attacker ever being revealed. So who is it that took out Enzo Amore tonight?

Well, it looks like the WWE may have hidden the answer in the background of tonight’s Raw. During a backstage interview segment, The Revival, the WWE tag team consisting of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, could be seen walking by. This has lead many fans to speculate that they are the ones who attacked Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and this Easter egg depicted them fleeing the scene of the crime.

The WWE clearly wants this to be a mystery that fans speculate about throughout the week until the identity of Enzo Amore’s attacker can be revealed on Raw. During the show tonight, viewers saw Big Cass coming to Enzo Amore’s aid after Enzo had been knocked out cold. When Enzo Amore came to, he said that he got jumped but did not see who did it.

Putting The Revival in a feud with Enzo Amore and Big Cass would make a lot of sense, and this is of course great news for fans of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. The Revival made their main roster debut shortly after WrestleMania, attacking The New Day and injuring Kofi Kingston within kayfabe. However, Dash Wilder was subsequently injured in real life, resulting in any plans for The Revival being put on hold.

Dash Wilder was injured on April 14th, and he was expected to be out for two months. If The Revival really did attack Enzo Amore, then, it might just be Scott Dawson who takes on Enzo Amore in single’s competition at an upcoming event. It’s also possible that Dash Wilder recovered from his injuries a lot faster than anyone expected.

The Extreme Rules card still has not been fully fleshed out, and so there’s plenty of room for a match between The Revival and Enzo Amore and Big Cass if the WWE wants to book one.

We’ll likely find out more about the identity of Enzo Amore’s attacker next week on Monday Night Raw.