WWE Spoilers: What Does It Mean That John Cena is a Free Agent Now?


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John Cena will return to ‘Smackdown Live’ on July 4th. (WWE)

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, a promo aired which said that John Cena will return to the WWE on July 4th as a free agent. So what exactly does this mean?

Well, the promo fits with a previous report from PWInsider that when Cena returns to the WWE, he will be able to appear both on the red brand and the blue brand. Still, he’s making his return on an episode of SmackDown Live, not Monday Night Raw. 

When we last saw John Cena, he was a part of the SmackDown Live brand. But Cena was away during the superstar shakeup, and so the premise of the “free agent” storyline will likely be that since Cena was not around for the shake up, he’s not firmly committed to SmackDown Live.

It’s unclear whether John Cena will remain on the blue brand going forward or if he might switch over to the red brand. It had previously been rumored that John Cena would face Jinder Mahal soon after returning. However, tonight on Raw, it was said that Roman Reigns would soon be unveiling his plans for SummerSlam, and these two announcements back to back caused some fans to speculate that we’ll see a Cena vs. Roman match this August.