WWE Spoilers: Top Theories on Enzo Amore & Big Cass’ Attackers


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Enzo Amore is attacked on ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (WWE.com)

In recent weeks on Monday Night Raw, Enzo Amore and Big Cass have both found themselves attacked, but the perpetrators have not yet been revealed. This has clearly been set up as a mystery that will be resolved on an upcoming episode, so what are the current theories about who has been targeting Enzo and Cass?

One of the biggest theories has been that the mysterious assailant is Enzo Amore himself. The idea would be that he staged the original attack and then later assaulted Big Cass backstage when Cass was asking too many questions. There have been rumors that the WWE might be planning to split up the tag team of Enzo and Cass, and so this could be the perfect way to do so, with Enzo potentially arguing that Cass is holding him back. It’s also possible that Enzo had a co-conspirator.

Another theory is that the attacker is Big Cass, although this explanation became less compelling when it was brought up on last week’s Raw. Big Cass a number of times said on the June 5th show that he finds it outrageous that anyone would accuse him of assaulting his tag team partner, and if the ending of this storyline is supposed to be a surprise, the WWE probably wouldn’t play this up as much. Still, it’s possible Cass is the culprit and that he staged an attack on himself in order to remove suspicion. The only question would then become, what’s the point of Cass conducting this whole fake investigation? If he wanted to cut ties with Enzo Amore, why not simply go after him in the ring and turn heel like everyone else does?

When the Enzo attack first happened, the main theory was that The Revival was responsible. After all, they could be seen walking by in the background on the show where Enzo was first knocked out backstage. This footage was later brought up on Raw, and Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson insisted they are just backstage all the time even when they aren’t being used on the show. But then last week, Wilder and Dawson were once again seen lurking in the background when Dean Ambrose came back into the arena; they were obviously placed in the shot for a specific reason, and it’s hard to think of one other than this being foreshadowing that they are the evildoers in question.

Some have even speculated that the one responsible for all this mayhem is General Manager Kurt Angle. The theory is that the Enzo and Cass storyline is actually connected to the storyline between Kurt Angle and Corey Graves, in which Graves showed Angle some damaging information about him that could lead to his firing. Perhaps this damaging information is proof that Angle attacked Enzo Amore, although it doesn’t totally make sense that Angle, who seems devastated about the scandal, would go on to take out Big Cass right after Graves shared the proof with him.

We’ll likely be getting some additional clues in the mystery of Enzo Amore’s attacker tonight on Monday Night Raw.