WWE Great Balls of Fire: Did the Referee Mess Up During the Iron Man Match?



Sheamus and Cesaro faced The Hardy Boyz at Great Balls of Fire.

At WWE’s Great Balls of Fire tonight, there was a strange moment in which the referee counted to three, yet this was not recorded as a fall.

Towards the end of the 30-minute Iron Man match between The Hardy Boyz and Cesaro and Sheamus, Matt Hardy jumped off the top rope and landed on Sheamus. It looked like he was all set to score a pin and make the score all tied up.

And, in fact, the referee did count to three. Looking back at the video footage, it’s pretty unambiguous that the referee counts to three, yet The Hardy Boyz did not get a fall for this.

So what happened? Well, it appears that Cesaro was meant to jump in and prevent Matt Hardy from scoring this fall. Cesaro did end up jumping in, but he was a second or so off, and so he only ended up coming in after the referee already counted to three. This is why the referee seemed to pretend that he did not count to three: it was likely not planned that Cesaro and Sheamus would score a third fall at this point in the match, and Cesaro was meant to interrupt Matt Hardy sooner than he did.

Clearly, the crowd was not happy with this, and moments later, they could be heard chanting, “Ref, you suck!”