Sarah Hyland’s Latest Hair Transformation Is Inspired by Your Favorite ’90s Band

There is a good chance the Spice Girls influenced at least one aspect of your beauty routine growing up. Perhaps it was the sleek center-part Posh wore so well, or maybe you were particularly taken with Baby Spice’s pigtails. And we gotta say, given the opportunity, we’d prob try to work some of these looks into our modern-day regimen. 

Well, it looks like Sarah Hyland did just that with her new hair color. 

She took to Instagram to show off the new ‘do and apparently, at least according to her caption, her inspiration might have been everyone’s favorite ’90s band. Yes, the Spice Girls—or rather, Ginger Spice.

����Ginger Spice����

A photo posted by Sarah Hyland (@therealsarahhyland) on

And in case you’ve forgotten (how could you?!), here’s a shot of the Spice Girls from back in the day:

20 years ago my back garden – wannabe entered the charts , and our amazing journey began.

A photo posted by Geri Horner (@therealgerihalliwell) on

You may not realize it, but the Modern Family actress has already switched up her hair shade three times this year. This particular look was done by Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One salon, a celebrity hair switch-up hotspot, if you will. Emma Roberts just stopped by there for extensions! 

We applaud Sarah’s courage because sometimes feels like it takes us years of (over)thinking before going… even a shade lighter.

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