Brooklyn Decker Wants You to Know She’s a #KewlMom

Brooklyn Decker is one very #kewlmom, and she has the hairstyle to prove it. The gorgeous model, who recently celebrated her 29th birthday, took to Instagram to show off her brand new “rock ‘n’ roll haircut” — a tousled wavy lob. 

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We did some Instagram research, and it looks like she chopped off at least a few inches from her blonde locks — she was wearing much longer waves just a few days ago. And of course, no rock ‘n’ roll-inspired snap would be complete without some serious eyeliner, which Brooklyn had completely covered. 

I am so lucky to have friends like these. Thank you @mrbobbybones for coming to speak for us today. Thank you to @ericabrennes for being the dream emcee, and thank you to @adukesdelic for being the best co-chair I could ever hope for. #opportunitymatters @arfoundation

A photo posted by Brooklyn Decker (@brooklyndecker) on

Rock on, Brooklyn!

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