18 Times Selena Gomez Gave Us Serious Hair Envy

Selena Gomez Hair - LEAD
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Erin Lukas

Aug 03, 2017 @ 11:45 am
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No one gives us hair envy like Selena Gomez. When the singer isn’t doing her best hair flip onstage, she’s killing the red carpet with her signature voluminous, cascading curls—and most recently, a blunt lob..

As a Pantene spokesperson, it’s safe to say that the singer’s shiny strands are the equivalent of a hair commercial slo-mo swing in real life. While Gomez has her go-to look on-lock, she isn’t afraid to switch it up every now and then with a braid or ponytail thrown into the mix for good measure.

When it comes to deciding on a style, it’s usually a collaborative effort between Gomez and her go-to stylist Marissa Marino, who traveled with the star on her Revival Tour last summer. “[Selena] has great ideas and visions and then I create them for her,” says Marino. “Or sometimes I have something that I really want to try on her and she is almost always up for it! She’s a really great client to have, and is very trusting and open to new things!”

Whether she’s rocking her signature curls or the trendiest haircut of the year, here are all of the times Selena Gomez gave us major #hairspiration.

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