Will the ‘Rick and Morty’ Live Stream Event & Marathon Be on TV Today?


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The Rick and Morty live stream event is tonight and the Rick and Morty marathon is today (and it’s already started!) But will either event be aired on television or is it all going to just be online?

Right now, it looks like neither will be on the Adult Swim channel, but both will be available for viewing on AdultSwim.com.

It’s unclear why the big event featuring Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland isn’t also being aired on TV. But an advertisement for the event only indicates that it will be online:

A look at Adult Swim’s schedule for the evening also seems to indicate that only its regular lineup is being broadcast. TV Guide listings and DVR listings also back this up.

So if you’re wanting to watch, you’ll need to tune in online.

However, don’t rule out the possibility that Adult Swim might change its lineup at the last minute.

When Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1 aired, it was first aired online but then quickly followed with a television airing: over and over and over and over. In fact, a rerun of the Season 3 premiere was aired on April Fool’s instead of the new Samurai Jack episode that many viewers were hoping for. (This left quite a few viewers upset.) The takeway from this is just because it’s not on Adult Swim’s lineup doesn’t mean it might not be aired on TV during the event or later.

But don’t depend on that. Definitely have your livestream set up to watch online, because that’s where you’re assure that both the marathon and the special event will be shown.

As for what exactly is going to happen… Well, that’s anyone’s guess. But there’s a great discussion on Reddit here, where fans are coming up with all sorts of fun ideas and sharing their growing anticipation.

If a video is made available of the event, Heavy will put together a post where you can watch it after the event airs and we’ll share a link to that article here. So stay tuned for more information.

Are you planning on watching the event live? Let us know in the comments below.