Who Gets Evicted Tonight on ‘Big Brother’? 7/13/2017


Alex, Ramses, and Cody were on the chopping block this week. With 7 votes to evict him, Cody was voted off the show.

Tonight marked day 23 in the Big Brother house, and the battle between Cody and Paul came to a head. Paul’s backdoor plan to get Cody out of the house was successful, but the good news for Cody is that next week will have a bonus Friday night episode for a Battle Back adventure.

Christmas decided to stay in the Big Brother house, despite the fact that she needed foot surgery. She cast her vote from her hospital bed, where she was recovering. Certainly a first in Big Brother world.

Cody does have one thing going for him– when he left the house, he whispered to Jessica, “I want you to be my girlfriend.” She may not have given him a straight answer, but at this rate, it seems likely the two will stay together.

During the live head of household competition, the house members had to hold on to a wall as it tipped them, threatening their balance. Next week, we’ll find out who won the competition.