Where Is Andi Dorfman Today?


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Tonight, Andi Dorfman competes on Celebrity Family Feud, and she’s a bachelorette who we haven’t heard from in a while. So what’s Andi up to these days? Is she dating anyone? Single?

Read on for details.

Last year, Andi released a book titled: “It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Ever After,” and she’s currently working on a new novel: “Single State of Mind.” News that she’s writing the new book broke just a few weeks ago, and it’s slated to hit shelves in winter 2018. According to US Weekly, the book will be a collection of essays and adventures from the season 10 star of the hit ABC series.

In “It’s Not Okay: Turning Love Into Heartbreak,” Andi explained to fans why she chose to leave her job as an ADA. In April of last year, she also dished to Us Weekly:

At least once a day I’m like, ‘What life am I living?’ A few years ago, I was in a courtroom in Atlanta, content. Totally good. Now, I’m like, ‘Holy s—t. I live in New York. This is my life.’ No one is going to choose happiness for you. You have to choose it yourself. I decided to get lost in New York. It was the best decision of my life. Still, it’s not like every day is paradise here. You can make the conscious choice to be happy or not.

After her appearance on The Bachelorette, the brunette beauty moved to Manhattan’s West Village, and has since been, well, very into fitness based on her Instagram.