We Asked Real Men and Women to Comment on Next Year’s Wedding Dress Trends

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Dobrina Zhekova

Nov 09, 2017 @ 3:15 pm

We always follow Bridal Fashion Week so we can bring you the latest trends. We analyze everything to the smallest detail because we’d like to give you some context behind the most talked about looks of the season.

And while we do so with passion, because we truly love bridal fashion, the truth is that when it comes to picking a wedding dress, it all comes down to two questions: Do you like it? and Do you see yourself wearing it?

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And those are questions that, regardless of what fashion editors say, you need to figure out on your own. So, this time, instead of reaching out to the pros, we asked real men and women about their opinion on next year’s trends, because, ultimately, they are the ones who will either wear them or see their spouse walk down the aisle in one of them.

And since we wanted to keep things light, all of those “real men and women” also happen to be comedians at Laugh Staff. Keep scrolling and get ready to LOL.

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