5 Bridal Gowns That Channel the Timeless Style of Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Dress


Dobrina Zhekova

Sep 12, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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Jackie Kennedy is the undisputed, all-American style icon who, to this day, is an example of timeless elegance. And nowhere is this more obvious than the look she donned for her wedding to then-US senator John F Kennedy exactly 64 years ago.

Actually, one of the most recognizable bridal gowns ever came to be only ten days before the big day (which proves last-minute wedding shopping can be a good thing). After a flood destroyed 10 of the 15 wedding garments, including the original bridal gown, fashion designer Anne Lowe created the portrait-neckline dress that Kennedy wore to her nuptials.

The former First Lady accessorized the dress with a diamond bracelet, a gift from her groom, and a family heirloom pearl necklace. A beautiful rose point lace veil and a tiara complemented her look.

While it is rumored that the Kennedy family had a of say in the traditional design of the iconic gown, the bride’s grace and beauty sure helped pull it off.

VIDEO: Natalie Portman talks about becoming Jackie Kennedy

o if you are planning on tying the knot in a classic ceremony, take your fashion cues from Jackie Kennedy and peruse five gorgeous wedding dresses inspired by hers.

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