WATCH: Zaza Pachulia Punches Iman Shumpert Where It Counts


The NBA finals gave a nod to the WWE in Game 4 with several different skirmishes. Zaza Pachulia and Iman Shumpert were involved in perhaps the most disturbing.

A slow motion replay of the third quarter incident shows Pachulia punching Shumpert in an area where guys do not like to be punched. It appears as though the referees did not see this on the replay.

Shumpert also appears to kick Pachulia as he is being pulled away from the skirmish. This is not the first time Pachulia has been linked to controversy. There was a controversy in the Western Conference Finals over whether Pachulia purposely stepped on Kawhi Leonard’s ankle. Leonard ended up missing the majority of the series.

There was also a fan sitting courtside that was kicked out of the game for something he said to one of the players. Kevin Durant and LeBron James got into a heated exchange prior to all this commotion. Durant did not take kindly to a hard foul from Kevin Love.

Here’s a look at the exchange between James and Durant: