WATCH: Woman Waves Machete Outside of Kardashians’ Los Angles Boutique



A woman threatens reporters with a machete outside of the Kardashians’ DASH boutique store in Los Angeles.

A woman reportedly walked into the Kardashian family’s boutique in West Hollywood and held the cashier at gunpoint Thursday. Nobody was hurt during the incident, which hasn’t been described by police as a robbery.

Authorities say that the incident was reported at around 11 a.m. local time at the DASH store located at 8420 Melrose Avenue.

Law enforcement told TMZ that the female suspect walked into the store and “ranted” about Cuba by saying phrases such as “Free Cuba” and, “Stay away from Cuba” while pointing a revolver at a store employee.

“The woman then started knocking stuff off the counter and pointed the revolver again at the cashier and then just left the store,” the TMZ report says, but it didn’t end there.

Once news of the incident was reported, a news photographers went to the scene and recorded the same woman returning to the store some time later, armed with a machete and allegedly threatening reporters who were gathered outside the store.

The unidentified woman was wearing a bandanna and appeared to have a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action T-shirt on underneath a sweater that had numerous skulls.

Witnesses say the woman shouted, “Don’t mess with the Castro family” as she waved the weapon. Nobody was hurt after the ordeal, and the suspect stuck the knife into the DASH door after threatening them and fleeing the scene.

Watch the woman waving the knife below:

Police are looking through surveillance tapes and launched a full investigation, but haven’t yet apprehended the woman. Law enforcement told TMZ that witnesses saw the woman get into a taxi and leave, noting they’re still on the lookout for her.

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