WATCH: Victor Oladipo’s Monster Slam That Won NBA Dunk of the Year


All throughout Monday night, there are awards being handed down to NBA players and coaches, which will wrap up with the Most Valuable Player award being handed out. Before we got there, though, the NBA fans got to vote on quite a few awards and one that was a very popular vote was the candidates for the NBA Dunk of the Year award.

In the end, it was Oklahoma City Thunder guard Victor Oladipo who took the crown, topping Los Angeles Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. and Minnesota Timberwolves (now Chicago Bulls) guard Zach LaVine. If you don’t remember the moment, fortunately, the Thunder’s official Twitter account hooked us up, as you can see above.

As if Oladipo winning wasn’t a highlight enough, Nance Jr. took to Twitter to let everyone know that he was a bit salty from not winning the award. And of course, he did so in pretty epic fashion as well.

If for some reason you haven’t seen Nance’s dunk, he had a pretty strong argument to take home the crown, as he completely put Brook Lopez on a poster. It wasn’t just a poster, though, it was a legitimate moment that deserves to live in the memories of NBA fans forever.

Regardless, all three players were deserving of praise for even being named finalists for this award, because it means that you have to be pretty insanely athletic.