WATCH: Ukrainian Teen Beauty Queen Live Streams Drunk Driving Death


Sofia Magerko and Dasha Medvedeva were live streaming on Instagram when their car crashed into a light pole. (YouTube)

A 16-year-old beauty queen from Ukraine live streamed her own death on Instagram when she filmed herself and a friend drinking and driving in a car.

Sofia Magerko, who won a local beauty contest in Izyum, was killed when the BMW her 24-year-old friend Dasha Medvedeva was driving rocketed into a lamp post at a high rate of speed in the Kharkiv region. Local reports say that Magerko died immediately from the force of the crash while Medvedeva died on her way to the hospital.

In the video, Magerko and Medvedeva are seen laughing, screaming and singing to music inside the car while drinking out of a bottle while the car is stopped. One of them says “hi boys” to the stream’s audience as the pair continue to joke and laugh while listening to the music. Suddenly, Medvedeva pulls away in the BMW while they speak about how much they were enjoying life.

Only a few seconds after pulling away from the stop, the loud sound of the car crashing into the post can be heard and the voices turn silent before the video goes black. Moments later, the voice of at least one bystander can be heard tending to the two girls as he arrived at the scene and realized there was at least one fatality.

“F**** there is a dead body there, another one fell out of the car,” the male’s voice is heard saying. The voice is then heard pleading for assistance from what would seem to be emergency personnel.

Watch the video of the live stream below:

NOTE: The video below may be disturbing to some.