WATCH: Trailer for Puzzle Fighter Sequel, Out Late 2017


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In 1996 Capcom took a chance on a mash up. Combining Street Fighter and puzzle gameplay, they stumbled across something of a classic. Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo, was highly regarded – with quality ratings from outlets like IGN and Game Informer, to a clamoring in the community for a true sequel to the cult classic.

Well, clamor no more. Capcom announced a sequel, and even better, it’s coming in late 2017.

“Puzzle Fighter features an outstanding roster of legendary characters and stages from popular Capcom franchises. Fan-favorites such as Ryu, Ken or Chun-Li (Street Fighter), X (Mega Man), Morrigan (Darkstalkers), Frank West (Dead Rising) and more come to life with VO and cinematic special moves. Players pick one main character each with their own strengths and benefits, to face-off in explosive gem-crushing action.” Said the press release.

The game is soft-launching on mobile devices in the very near future, with a full release before the end of the year.

A cool aspect appears to be this is a cross-over game. Characters from Mega Man, Frank West from Dead Rising, and more will be appearing in the upcoming, likely free-to-play game, which will be hands-on playable at PAX in Seattle.

Stay tuned for future updates.