WATCH: Shane McMahon Jumps off Cell Onto Announce Table at Hell in a Cell



Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon battled it out on top of the cell at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view Sunday.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon laid it all on the line at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The two gave fans a headlining match they won’t soon forget.

The two battled inside of the cell before the carnage went to the outside. At one point, Owens got McMahon onto an announce table and scaled the cell, appearing as though he’d jump off onto a battered McMahon. However, the Smackdown Live commissioner had other ideas, as he chased after Owens and the two battled 20 feet in the air on top of the cell.

Owens and McMahon exchanged multiple suplexes, and it appeared as if the top of the cell would cave in. The cell ended up holding, but it didn’t end there. As Owens tried to scale back down to the floor, McMahon sent Owens crashing down onto the exposed ringside announce table. Medical personnel came down to check on Owens, but McMahon wasn’t finished yet. He put the injured Owens onto another announce table and climbed back up to the top of the cell.

Within a few seconds, McMahon gave himself the sign of the cross before he crashed and burned. McMahon leaped off the cell toward Owens, and crashed 20-feet below on the announce table. At the last second, Sami Zayn made a surprise appearance and rescued Owens.

Watch a video of the sequence below: