WATCH: Sergio Dipp Delivers Cringe-worthy Report on Monday Night Football



Sergio Dipp on Monday Night Football.

Monday Night Football’s newest sideline reporter is feeling the wrath of the internet.

During the first quarter of the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos game, the broadcast flashed to a sideline report from none other than Sergio Dipp, likely a new face NFL fans.

When it was Dipp’s time to shine, though, he appeared extremely nervous and fumbled over his lines and it sounded as if he was reading off of a teleprompter.

“Folks, it’s a pleasure to be with you guys, here, on the field, from up close just watching coach Vance Joseph from here, watch him now on the screen,” Dipp said. “His diversity and his background is helping him a lot tonight. The quarterback at Colorado, defensive back in the NFL and here he is having the time of his life making his head coaching debut.”

Watch a video of the cringe-worthy moment below: