WATCH: Seminole Heights Police Presence ‘Massive’ After Fourth Shooting


The police presence in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, is massive this morning, after the dead body was found in the street. The body was discovered near N. Nebraska Avenue and E. McBerry Street. Police have not released the name of the victim, but have confirmed that it was “a male with gunshot wounds.”

Police have not confirmed whether or not this shooting is related to the suspected “serial killer” in the area, who they believe is responsible for the deaths of three people last month. For the time being, police are treating this shooting as “related” until they can prove differently.

Benjamin Edward Mitchell, Monica Caridad Hoffa, and Anthony Naiboa were all killed in Seminole Heights, just blocks from one another. All three had been near or waiting at bus stops. It is unclear if this morning’s victim was near a bus stop or waiting for a bus.

As you can see in the video above, there are police cars lining the streets in the area.

Tampa police have warned people in the area to stay inside their homes. They have suggested that residents in the immediate investigation area stay home from school or work this morning. Several streets have been shut down and police have been going door to door, checking on residents and trying to locate a suspect. The crime scene is still fluid at this time, three hours after the shooting occurred.

“There is a massive police presence on the scene. Forensic evidence is being collected. Police are asking residents to avoid the area of Nebraska Avenue between Osborne Avenue and Hillsborough Avenue as they investigate,” reports ABC Action News.

The video below shows a police officer checking cars as they drive through the area.

Below is a map of the area that is seeing a heavy police presence at this time. Local news stations have said that there were already several police cars on patrol in the area, which is why authorities were able to respond to the shooting so quickly. Police have covered such a large area in hopes that they can find the suspect, who they believe headed east from the crime scene, likely on foot.

“We want to talk with as many people as we can, we don’t think whoever did this has gone very far at this point,” Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty told the media.

This story is developing. 

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