WATCH: Second Angle in Huntington Beach Officer-Involved Shooting Shows Altercation



A second angle of a fatal shooting incident involving a male suspect and a Huntington Beach Police officer.

Another angle filmed by a witness in the fatal shooting of a male suspect by a Huntington Beach Police officer shows the two getting into an altercation before the shooting.

Police say the man, now identified as 27-year-old Dillan Tabares, got into a fight with the officer outside of a 7/11 convenience store Friday morning at around 9:30 a.m. local time. As the two went to the ground, Tabares grabbed an item from the officers utility belt and stood up. After doing so, the officer brandished his weapon and opened fire, firing at least seven shots.

A cellphone video of the incident was captured by a witness and posted to social media. The video went viral and led to criticism that the officer didn’t have to use deadly force. The police department released a statement after the video went viral, saying it only depicted part of the incident.

“As the officer began to talk to the subject, a verbal confrontation began, and the subject refused to listen to any commands given by the officer,” the statement said. “The suspect violently attacked and assaulted the officer, and a struggle over the officer’s gun belt ensued. The videos we have seen posted are small portions of a violent confrontation, and should not be taken out of context.”

To watch the first witness video, click here.

On Saturday, a second angle of the incident by a witness inside of a nearby vehicle circulated online. The video shows what led up to the fatal shooting of Tabaras.

The new footage starts with the officer pointing his Taser at Tabaras as he quickly approaches.

“Have a seat,” the officer can be heard saying after shooting Tabaras with the weapon as he places him into a headlock and wrestles him to the ground.

Once on the ground, the officer throws punches at Tabaras as a struggle ensued outside of the store.

“Let go of my gun,” the officer can be heard yelling as Tabaras removes the item from his belt.

Watch a video of the second angle below:

Note: The video contains graphic and disturbing content.

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Tabaras’ mother told OC Weekly that her son graduated from Marina High School in 2008. The school is across the street from the 7/11. She said her son served in the U.S. Navy as an information systems technician and he lived in Norfolk, Virginia.

According to a post to his Facebook account, he lost his security clearance in 2012 after he tested positive for marijuana, saying he used the drug to deal with depression. His mother said she was planning a vigil to be held Saturday outside of the 7/11 and encouraged people to bring candles and prayers.

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