WATCH: Sami Zayn Powerbomb Off the Ladder at Money in the Bank


At Money in the Bank tonight, Sami Zayn earned a “This is awesome!” chant from the crowd with an impressive spot near the end of the men’s ladder match.

During one key moment in the match, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler found themselves struggling to obtain the Money in the Bank contract on the top of the ladder. Knowing he had to take Ziggler down, Sami Zayn executed a sunset powerbomb off of the ladder.

The crowd in St. Louis had their energy drained a bit by Randy Orton’s loss earlier in this evening, but this immediately fired them up again. It came a few minutes after Sami Zayn impressed the crowd with another spot, this one involving throwing Kevin Owens into a ladder to the point that it bent.