WATCH: Rex & Rob Ryan Involved in Bar Fight in Nashville



Video has surfaced on social media of a scuffle involving Rex and Rob Ryan inside of a bar.

The Ryan brothers were in Nashville over the weekend for the Nashville Predators’ Stanley Cup game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. But the two apparently brought the fighting from the arena to front of a downtown bar.

The video doesn’t show what occurred before the chaos began, but it started with Rob lunging at a patron and putting his hand on his neck. Rob, in a Clemson University t-shirt, is being held back by another person when suddenly twin brother Rob appears in a Bryce Harper jersey and Jordan brand shorts, shoving the same man. Rob is then held back again by the customer before shoving away before the man is escorted out of the establishment.

Watch two clips of the scuffle in the videos below:

Before the fight, the Ryan brothers were seen talking with people who walked by in front of the bar.

Rex has now been out of coaching in the NFL for over a year after he was fired by the Buffalo Bills after spending two seasons with them as the head coach.

Rob was the assistant head coach of the Bills and was also fired with his brother.

Before coaching for the Bills, Rex had a six-year stint as the coach of the New York Jets before he was fired in 2014. Rob, on the other hand, has been the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders. He was also the linebackers coach for the New England Patriots and spent time coaching in the NCAA.

Rex and Rob are the twin sons of coaching legend Buddy Ryan, who had a 35-season coaching career in the NFL. He’s best known for being the architect of the Chicago Bears’ 46 defense, which carried the 1985 Bears to a Super Bowl victory.

Buddy died at the age of 82 on June 28, 2016 after suffering from a longstanding illness. He battled cancer and had a major stroke prior to his death.

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