WATCH: Mario Mandzukic’s Scores Crazy Goal in Champions League Final


Fans did not have to wait long for excitement in the Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid. Ronaldo got things started with an early goal for Real Madrid as he found the corner of the net.

Here’s a look at Ronaldo’s goal:

Juventus responded with the best goal of the tournament at the 26′ mark. Mario Mandzukic caught a pass off his chest then kicked the ball over his head to find the back of the net. The ball had just enough height to be out of reach for Real Madrid’s keeper.

If the rest of the match is anything like this we are in for an instant classic. The match pits two teams with opposing styles against each other. Real Madrid has the ability to score numerous goals in a short time-span while Juventus is more of a defensive style to their squad.

Here was Twitter’s response: