WATCH: Man Wearing Nazi Swastika Armband KO’d in Seattle


seattle nazi armband photos, seattle nazi knocked out photos

(Reddit / A man rides the D Line with a Nazi armband.

Two photos shared by different people show a man in Seattle riding the RapidRide D Line wearing a Nazi armband. A later photo shows the man knocked out on a sidewalk from a punch.

seattle nazi armband photos, seattle nazi knocked out photos

The Nazi armband-wearing man knocked out on a sidewalk.

It is believed that the photos may be this man in this video, which was shared shortly after the above photos. The video was shared by Sam McCready, who has no other videos associated with the account.

In the video, the man wearing the swastika is talking about welfare to another man with a blurred out face before he is cold-cocked to the face. A voice off-camera says, “Night night.”

Seattle has seen its fair share of “alt-right” rallies, with the last one occurring last month after the Charlottesville terror attack. During that attack, a white supremacist ran a car through a crowd of Nazi counter-protesters, injuring 19 and killing one woman, Heather Heyer.

According to NBC, the Seattle rally was organized by Joey Gibson of the pro-Donald Trump group Patriot Prayer.