WATCH: Kevin Durant Nike Commercial After NBA Championship


After a year of hearing critics tell him he took the easy way out, Kevin Durant responded by winning his first championship. Nike had their superstars back by releasing a pointed commercial that took the critics head on.

Durant not only won his first title, but was named the MVP of the series. Many felt like Durant made the worst move possible by joining the team he was unable to beat as a member of the OKC Thunder.

Durant’s critics were not just fans. He heard feedback from former NBA greats that he made the wrong move. The move created tension in his relationship with former teammate Russell Westbrook.

The Nike commercial starts out with a clip of Durant playing for the Seattle Sonics. The announcer talks about how Durant is too skinny and will be unable to compete in the NBA. It is a reference to some of the criticisms of his game as he entered the NBA out of Texas.