WATCH: John Cena Disses Roman Reigns for Botching Promo


John Cena and Roman Reigns got into it during a promo on Monday Night Raw.

Ahead of their match at No Mercy, John Cena and Roman Reigns were set to sign a contract on Monday Night Raw on August 28. But before doing so, the two ensued in one of the most remarkable and heated promos in recent memory.

The two continued back and forth on the microphone in what seemed to be an off-the-cuff promo. Reigns and Cena each took turns criticizing each other for not being loved by the WWE fans.

Cena said that when the crowd boos him, it’s because they want him to change up his character and have a heel turn. He referred to Reigns by his nickname, “The Big Dog,” adding that when the crowd boos him, “they see what I see, a cheap ass, corporately created John Cena bootleg.”

Reigns returned fire, criticizing Cena for being a “part timer” when he’s constantly working shows.

At one point, it was Reigns’ turn to respond to Cena, and he seemed to forget his next line. And the veteran Cena let him pay for it.

Watch the situation unfold in the video below: