WATCH: Human Chain Saves Elderly Man in Harvey Floodwater



A video shows a group of people locking arms to rescue and elderly man from the floodwaters in Houston following Hurricane Harvey.

A group of people in Houston are being heralded as heroes after they formed a human chain to rescue an elderly man from the floodwater in Houston following Hurricane Harvey.

The incredible moment of teamwork was captured on video by Stephanie Mata, who was driving on the non-flooded part of the road when she noticed a truck with a man inside was caught in the water and a group of people gathered around.

The group of at least one dozen people locked arms as the people in front went into the water to reach the submerged vehicle. A man laid on top of the car as the group pulled the elderly man was pulled out through the driver’s side door and carried to safety.

“It just shows how we Texas people can come together as one,” Mara said to BBC News. “And we will pull through this as one.

“The people had no rope to get him out, so they made a chain holding each other.”

Watch a video of the dramatic rescue below:

The man was brought to safety and for a medical checkup, where he is in good shape.

The floodwater from Harvey has completely submerged the Houston area with historic rainfalls. As of Wednesday night, the death toll due to the flood was at 30 people. Over 5,000 people have had to be rescued by emergency personnel and volunteers and brought to safety.

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