WATCH: Houston Man & Woman Randomly Shoot at Houses, Post to SnapChat



A man and his female companion recorded themselves firing a gun on the streets of Houston. They posted to video to SnapChat.

Videos of a man and his female companion randomly firing guns at homes while driving has gone viral, and Reddit sleuths are helping police with the investigation.

Early Tuesday morning, the man and woman recorded at least three videos of them driving around Houston while firing different guns out of the car’s windows at random homes. The videos were subsequently posted to the SnapChat mobile application for the public to see using the recently-added “SnapMap” feature.

It’s that same SnapChat feature which could led police to the suspects. It started with a Reddit user, harriscores, posting the videos to the /r/Houston subreddit, and that spurred the community to investigate further. The SnapMap locations were recorded and the user notified the Houston Police Department.

“I was just browsing the SnapMap feature that lets you see all the public snaps in any location,” harriscores told The Houston Chronicle. “I work in that general area and was just seeing what was going on. They were dumb enough to post these publicly with a tagged location and general time stamp.”

In the first video, the male is seen shooting what appears to be a handgun out of his window on Memorial near Crossroads Drive. The second one shows the female passenger firing a different gun out of her window close to Highway 6 between Memorial and Westheimer.

Watch the shocking SnapChat videos of the two randomly firing the guns below:

“Called Harris Co. Sheriff non-emergency line, got transferred to Houston PD,” a post by harriscores to Reddit said. “He took a little bit of information then said I had to file a report in person within HPD’s jurisdiction.”

Other users who commented on the post appeared to help the Reddit investigation, and the male may have been identified through his tattoos on social media. The male’s Instagram was located first, and another user found his Facebook account. Using the man’s Facebook friends, the female in the video appeared to be identified, too.

The man’s Facebook profile contain photos of him holding a Glock and an MPA30DMG, like the female in the SnapChat video was seen shooting. The man’s identification was then turned over to authorities.

A Reddit user says police have evidence against the male and the female.

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HPD spokesman Kese Smith told the Houston Chronicle they received numerous calls from people regarding the video Wednesday but hadn’t launched a formal investigation.

“We would need someone whose property was damaged or a victim of some sort or a witness or the person who took the video, to come forward and file a report,” Smith told the newspaper. “At this point in time, nobody has come forward to file a report or make a complaint.”

However, harriscores said he was told by police Wednesday evening that they are looking into the incident and gathering evidence.

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