WATCH: David West, Tristan Thompson Get Into Altercation in Game 5


JR Smith, Tristan Thompson and David West all received technical fouls with just over 3 minutes remaining in the first half of Game 5 on Monday.

With their backs against the wall, the Cleveland Cavaliers were trying to scrap back from a large Golden State Warriors lead in Game 5 of the Finals.

Kyrie Irving chased a loose ball with just over 3 minutes left and got tangled up with David West for a jump ball. West and Irving continued to for the ball, and a little extra pushing and shoving took place. Suddenly, Tristan Thompson comes and retaliates to West’s extra pushing by stepping up to him.

Smith comes in from off the screen as well and gets and extra shove in on West. But Thompson and West continued to go after it, getting in each others’ face. Thompson and West get closer and put their faces next to each other and it almost looks as if they kissed each other on accident.

Watch a full video of the play below:

30-8 run