WATCH: Chelsea Handler Says Melania Trump Would be an ‘American Hero’ if She Got a Divorce


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Chelsea Handler was on The View on Monday morning. She sat down to chat about a few things — President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump being among them — and she didn’t hold back.

Handler got to talking about Mr. and Mrs. Trump that Mrs. Trump would be an “American Hero” if she decided to get a divorce.

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“I have, like, a fantasy. Like, I want Melania just to finally come out, divorce him. She would be an American hero. We would embrace her if she just said, ‘listen, this guy’s disgusting and I know all of his dirty secrets and I’m willing to tell everybody,” Handler said.

“Wasn’t there a rumor that if he didn’t win, they were going to get a divorce?” Joy Behar asks, turning to Handler. Behar adds that it’s just a rumor and that no one should quote her.

“You can quote me,” Handler responded. “I believe that to be true.”

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