WATCH: Caleb Sharpe Shooting Friend in YouTube Video


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In a May 2017 YouTube video, the accused Freeman High School shooter made a video showing him having a mock shootout with a friend. Caleb Sharpe created the video under his YouTube moniker Mongo Walker. The video in question is titled “J-Baumb kills Mongo.” It shows the suspect and a friend running with toy guns while shooting at each other. Sound effects are added to make the gunshots appear real. In one part of the video, Sharpe shoots a person who identifies himself as a civilian:

In June 2017, Sharpe uploaded a second video titled “The Second Round:”

On September 13, Caleb Sharpe was accused of going to Freeman High School in Rockland, Washington, where he was a sophomore and shooting dead one person while wounding three others. A sophomore, Michael Harper, 15, at Freeman High School told the Associated Press that Sharpe “had long been obsessed with past school shootings.” Harper added that at the start of the school year, Sharpe had brought a note to school saying that he “might get killed or jailed.” After that, classmates told counsellors about Sharpe. Harper went on to describe Sharpe as “nice and funny weird” while being popular with “many friends.”

In a “trailer” for his YouTube channel, Sharpe brags that viewers of his channel will “see stuff so weird you will s*** your pants.” Sharpe adds that the video will include Pokemon, Batman and the Flash. “The Second Round” video was the last clip uploaded to the channel. The Instagram page associated with the page, @The_Redneck_Hipster, is no longer active.

A separate YouTube channel titled Mongo Walker Gaming shows no uploads.

The three wounded victims were all taken to the Providence Sacred Medical Center. A spokesperson told the AP that all were in stable condition and that their family members were present.