WATCH: Addison Russell Buys ‘Nacho Man’ New Nachos After Spill


One sad St. Louis Cardinals fan’s unfortunate blunder turned into arguably the best night of his life.

In a game against the Chicago Cubs on Monday, an unsuspecting Cardinals fan turned into a star. Dubbed “Nacho Man,” a bearded man wearing a Cardinals jersey was holding his plate of nachos as Addison Russell neared the stands. Russell leaped into the stands at full speed, and unfortunately for “Nacho Man,” his plate of nachos went tumbling to the ground in the process.

The man appeared in disbelief as to what just took place. But his frown turned upside down a few innings later when Russell ran out of the dugout between innings carrying a plate of nachos.

Russell presented “Nacho Man” with his gift and shook his hand. An elated “Nacho Man” made sure to take a selfie with his newfound hero.

Watch the series of events below:

But the greatness that is “Nacho Man” didn’t end there, as he appeared to catch a foul ball and threw it to a kid.

Fans at Busch Stadium were seen asking “Nacho Man” for autographs and pictures, and he gave all sorts of interviews.