VSU Shooting: Virginia State University Lock Down


VSU police

There was a shooting on the campus of Virginia State University, and the university was on lock down on the evening of October 14, campus police confirmed.

At about 9 p.m. on the east coast, campus police wrote on Twitter, “Shooting on Campus – VSU is on lockdown. Avoid the area. Updates to follow.”

They later added a suspect description: “Pos. Suspect: BM wearing white jersey with blue number 23. If you have information contact @CCPDVa (804) 748-1251 or is at (804) 524-5411.”

A half hour later, the campus remained on lock down.

“Shooting on Campus Update – Police scene still active and the campus remains on lockdown. Continue to avoid area,” police wrote.

Although it’s not clear where exactly the shooting occurred on campus, WTVR-TV reported that Homecoming weekend was occurring.

“It is homecoming weekend at the university. A hip-hop concert was scheduled for 8 p.m. at the school’s Multi-Purpose Center,” the television station reported.

Few other details were available on October 14 as the news of the shooting broke, including whether anyone was injured or to what degree.

People expressed concern on social media.

“Been going to homecoming for 20+ years, 1st time I can think of a shooting take place. Be safe out there VSU,” wrote one person.

“My thoughts are with everyone at VSU,” wrote another.

Yet another person wrote on Twitter, “So now y’all wanna shoot at homecoming games. Lord please watch over VSU. I’m beyond grateful that my brother is safe.”

One woman wrote on Facebook, “As I posted the picture with my children I was notified it’s a shooting at VSU and they are on lockdown. Check on your loved ones. And my son even asked me to go! I said NO! This is why!”

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Campus safety has been a concern throughout the nation. Earlier this month, a student at Texas Tech University was accused of shooting a campus police officer to death in a drug investigation. You can read more about that shooting here:

This post will be updated as more is learned about the VSU shooting.

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