Top 5 Best Fidget Cubes and Dice


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Fidget spinners are massively popular in schools and workplaces. This has led them to be labeled as a distraction, which is ironic considering they are typically used to promote focus.

Instead of bringing a noisy fidget spinner to your next lecture or work meeting, consider a fidget cube or die instead.

These polygonal toys offer a different sensory stimulus on each side. You’ll find buttons to press, switches to flick, wheels to crank, joysticks to twiddle, and more.

Some users report that giving their restless hands something to play with helps relieve symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, and autism.

Others claim that they are instead just cheap trinkets. Either way, those people have one thing right, because they are quite inexpensive.

If you’ve got excess energy to burn, consider giving one of our favorite fidget cubes a try. Read on below to peruse our top picks.

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1. Magicfly Focus Cube

best fidget cube, fidget cube, fidget dice, fidget die, best fidget toys, sensory toys


The Focus Cube is Magicfly’s take on the incredibly popular six-sided Fidget Cube. It’s made with a rubber material that is soft to the touch.

Its build and design match that of about 90% of the available options out there. These all replicate the original Fidget Cube made by Kickstarter entreprenuers Matthew and Mark McLachlan of Antsy Labs.

To support them, you can buy from Antsy Labs directly, but their manufacturing contract makes buying a replica on Amazon cheaper and faster.

Whichever option you go with, this cube will allow you to switch a switch, twirl a knob, press buttons, roll a combo lock, rub a soothe stone, and flick a joystick.

Price: $10.99

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Buy the Magicfly Focus Cube here.

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2. Twelve-Sided Fidget Die

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The Twelve-Sided Fidget Die is a slightly larger alternative to the six-sided design. It offers a number of additional surfaces to fidget with, making it quite a bit larger.

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In addition to each gadget you find on the six-sided version, you also have a rotating disk, a silicone ball, a rocker, a silicone rope, a soft button, and something called minions.

Most of these gadgets are silent enough to use in a classroom, and the die is appropriately sized for children and adults alike.

This dodecahedral die is certainly one of the most versatile options.

Price: $12.29

Buy the Twelve-Sided Fidget Die here.

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3. Spinning Magic Fidget Cube

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This Spinning Magic Fidget Cube is an eight-sided die that incorporates the standard functions of the classic Fidget Cube into a spinning frame.

The top and bottom surfaces are held between your thumb and forefinger then flicked. This makes the die spin like a fidget spinner.

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The molded plastic frame isn’t the best quality, but the Spinning Magic Fidget Cube will hold up nicely after hours of use.

Price: $21.99 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Spinning Magic Fidget Cube here.

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4. Spherical Fidget Die

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This Spherical Fidget Die is almost identical to the classic Fidget Cube, except that it does not have the roller ball that usually sits next to the rollers.

And, of course, there’s its somewhat spherical design. The round shape makes this die slightly more pocket-friendly, and slightly more stylish.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Spherical Fidget Die here.

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5. Keychain Fidget Pad

best fidget cube, fidget cube, fidget dice, fidget die, best fidget toys, sensory toys


Okay, so this last one isn’t technically a cube. But the Fidget Pad offers eight different mechanisms, which is even more than you get from a six-sided fidget die.

This contact lens case design emulates a game controller, with its joystick and button array at the top. But no ordinary game controller also sports a spinning dial, a rocker, a soothe stone, a switch, lock gears, and a massage roller.

The body is made from a rubberized plastic with a high quality feel to it. And the attached lanyard ensures you can always keep your Fidget Pad near.

Price: $11.59

Buy the Keychain Fidget Pad here.

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