Top 5 Best COB LED Grow Lights For Cannabis 2017


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4. KingLED X4 Series Dimmable COB LED Grow Lights

KingLED X4 Series Dimmable COB LED Grow Lights

This series from KingLED has the same quality and features as their regular X4 lights, with the added bonus of a dimmable switch. You can dim these lights from 1% to 100% intensity. This series comes in 900W or 1200W sizes. The advantages of dimmable LEDs are that you can optimize your light coverage, avoid hot spots, and use these as supplemental lights as well. These lights, like other KingLED COB grow lights, have a 50,000 hour life span and offer a full spectrum of lighting for all stages of plant growth. They come with a 3 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
Sizes Available: 900W, 1200W
Price: $149 to $182 with free shipping

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  • Dimmable
  • 3 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
  • 50,000 hour lifespan


  • Only 2 sizes available
  • No daisy chain feature
  • More expensive

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5. Roleadro COB LED Grow Lights

Roleadro COB LED Grow Lights

Roleadro COB grow lights are the most flexible option on this list. They come in three sizes – 200W with one COB chip, 400W with two chips or 800W with four chips. If you have a very small garden or are doing germination or cloning, the smaller sizes are ideal. Their 200W light is so compact that it could fit in the smallest grow box without any need to worry about overheating or burning your plants. The smaller sizes also work as excellent supplemental lighting, because they are able to fit in narrow corners that may otherwise have been dark spots in your grow op. These COB lights feature a 90 degree reflective cup for more light coverage and heat dissipation. This gives them a higher PAR output than most grow lights. They are extremely bright so you may need to bring sunglasses in to your grow room Each light comes with a 2 year warranty as well.

For the price the light is decent but a very inefficient way of using COB LED. The COBs are overdriven which causes them to run hotter with a lowered efficacy.
They could’ve used a much higher quality COB driven off of just one of the drivers per COB. Yes the wattage would be lower but the light would be substantially better.
The build quality is good. For months of use and the fans are still working.
I do wish I would’ve spent the extra money and gotten the higher quality Roleadro COB fixture.

I bought 3 of these lights 9 months ago. They worked fine for 9 months, but now they’re all burning out. I wish I had better things to write but these turned out to be horrible. I don’t even know how to contact them directly about this. I’m not happy.

I bought 2 of these lights. The first lasted about 4 months, the second 3 months (both running 12/12). The COB chip in both instances melted the reflector and began flickering. In the second case I was home and started smelling burning plastic. Next thing I check my tent and find the light starting to melt and flicker! Luckily I was home and turned it off straight away These lights are an electrical hazard… Would NOT recommend to anyone. Stay away from COB designs. They are flawed.

Cons: very low par, runs much hotter than any other unit I’ve used. This might work for supplemental flowering but it’s no good for veg and probably no good as an only flowering light either.

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Sizes Available: 200W, 400W, 800W
Price: $99.99 to $239.99 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the Roleadro COB LED Grow Lights here.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Small sizes available for smaller grows or supplemental lights
  • Reflector cup provides greater PAR value and canopy penetration


  • Not dimmable
  • Some reviewers thought the COB chips were lower quality than others
  • Some customers had overheating issues

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