Top 20 Most Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts 2018


Valentine’s Day may be one of the easiest holidays to shop for that special someone in your life, as there are so many classic gifts that are already set-up in store. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry…all you have to do is find a shop, grab something off the shelf and go.

While it may be easy to do that, it’s also a little…well…boring. And not at all spontaneous. Sure, your sweetheart will appreciate the gift, but without any extra thought behind it, it’s not exactly memorable. Here’s where we come in.

Below is a round-up of the most unusual Valentine’s Day gifts. From funky to funny to downright odd, there are multiple gifts that will totally surprise your partner. Ditch the classic gifts this year and go for the wow factor – we promise it will end in much love and laughter from your valentine.

1. Primacandle Unique Valentine’s Day Carved Candle

unusual valentines day gifts, unique candles Primacandle

While a candle may not usually fit in the “unusual gift” category, this carved candle does as it has unique carvings all down the sides of the candle. The candle has beautiful scrolls and ribbons of wax intertwined throughout the candle, which looks beautiful and unusual all in one. The height of the candle is 6.7 inches, and it has an estimated burn time of 80 hours. Handmade in Israel, the candle makes an unusual gift that your valentine is sure to love.

Price: $42

Buy the Primacandle Unique Valentine’s Day Carved Candle here.

2. Dammit Doll Classic (12 Inch)

unusual valentines day gifts Dammit Doll

If you know that you tend to get on your partner’s nerves sometimes (hey, we all do), this is the perfect tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day gift. The Dammit Doll is intended to work as a stress reliever, and even has instructions sewn right onto the doll. Anytime you’re feeling stressed or annoyed with someone, instead of taking it out on them, just go to your Dammit Doll and slam it against something while yelling “dammit!” It’s a great (and funny) way to relieve anger, and makes the perfect unusual Valentine’s Day gift.

Price: $13.87 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Dammit Doll Classic (12 Inch) here.

3. Obsessories LA Handmade Anatomical Heart Stud Earrings

unusual valentines day gifts, heart earrings Obsessories LA

Valentine’s Day is all about the hearts, right? Make things literal with this pair of stud earrings that look like anatomical hearts. Whether your girl is in the medical field or just loves different jewelry, this is an unusual gift that will still be appreciated and worn. The earrings are also hypoallergenic and nickel free, so even someone with sensitive ears can enjoy them. And at just under $10, this gift is not only unusual, but also inexpensive.

Price: $9.95

Buy the Obsessories LA Handmade Anatomical Heart Stud Earrings here.

4. Luckies of London Ltd. Valentine’s Day Jigsaw Puzzle Card

unusual valentines day gifts, valentines day cards Luckies of London Ltd.

A nice card is a classic gift on Valentine’s Day. Take things up a notch with this unique card that is actually a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle. The card comes in a tiny gift box filled with wood pieces, that when pieced together, creates a pretty heart. You can even add your own sentiment by writing on the different pieces so that there is a special message for your valentine once the puzzle is complete. Whether you choose to keep things light or want to write something more romantic, this is a special, unique gift that your sweetheart will surely appreciate. The box also comes in four different colors: red, grey, mint, and pink.

Price: $14.95 and up, depending on color

Buy the Luckies of London Ltd. Valentine’s Day Jigsaw Puzzle Card here.

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5. DasyFly I Love Weird Pillowcase Set

unusual valentines day gifts, couple pillowcases DasyFly

Are you and your spouse (admittedly) a little on the weird side? This pillowcase set is the perfect unusual Valentine’s Day gift for you, as one pillowcase reads “I love weird” and the other says “I am weird.” A pillowcase may seem like an odd way to profess your love, but if you think about it, your pillowcase is the first and last thing you see every day. With a white background and black print, it’s easy to match the cases to your existing bedding. The pillowcases fit most standard queen size pillows, and they are made with a cotton/polyester mix.

Price: $16.99

Buy the DasyFly I Love Weird Pillowcase Set here.

6. Haute Soiree Bring Me Chocolate Cotton Socks

unusual valentines day gifts Haute Soiree

Socks don’t exactly scream “romance,” however that’s what makes this gift unusual…and it actually ties into Valentine’s Day. The socks says “If you can read this bring me chocolate” on the soles, so they’re funny and make the perfect gift for the chocoholic in your life. The socks are really comfy, too, as they are made with combed cotton that will keep your feet warm. The socks fit sizes 6-12, so you’re safe to purchase them even if you don’t know your valentine’s shoe size. Pair this gift with a box of chocolates, and you’re set!

Price: $12.95

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Buy the Haute Soiree Bring Me Chocolate Cotton Socks here.

7. Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit

unusual valentines day gifts Plant Theatre

Whether your valentine has a green thumb or is a garden newbie, this Valentine’s Day gift is cool as it contains everything you need to grow five “funky” vegetables. The vegetables include purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, purple-red Brussels sprouts, and multi-colored Swiss chard. It’s a fun variety of brightly colored vegetables that you wouldn’t usually buy at the grocery store, which makes them cool to grow at home. The kit also includes five peat growing biodegradable pots, five peat discs and five plant markers.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit here.

8. Godinger Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

unusual valentines day gifts Godinger

This unusual Valentine’s Day gift is ideal for someone who has a man cave or basement bar, or just someone who likes cool things that dispense booze. The gas pump actually holds and dispenses liquor through the little pump, so it’s a great conversation piece. Just pour your favorite alcohol into the top, and then use the pump to get the liquid back out. It’s fun to look at and fun to use, making it a great gift.

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Price: $26.98

Buy the Godinger Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser here.

9. Chekue Storm Glass Crystal Desktop Weather Predictor

unusual valentines day gifts Chekue

This cool storm glass weather predictor is definitely an unusual Valentine’s Day gift since it’s so unique. The glass has liquid and crystals inside that change formation based on the weather, no matter if it’s sunny, cloudy, foggy, rainy, or snowy outside. It’s really cool to watch the crystals move and change, and even when they are not activated, the glass sitting on the light wood base looks beautiful on its own. While the storm glass will be most active near a window, you can place it on a shelf, desk, kitchen counter, etc. Keep in mind that it does take about two weeks for the crystals to stabilize and get used to your environment, so know that it make take some time before you can see it in action.

Price: $36.98

Buy the Chekue Storm Glass Crystal Desktop Weather Predictor here.

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10. The Wonderland Company Mermaid Tail Blanket

unusual valentines day gifts The Wonderland Company

Mermaid tail blankets are sweet. Shaped like an actual mermaid tail, you can slide your legs into the “tail” and slip your feet down into the fin, which keeps your legs and feet nice and toasty. This particular mermaid tail blanket is made with plush fleece that is really comfy to sit or sleep in. The blanket comes in small or large, and there are also two different color options: hot pink or multi-colored scales. If your valentine’s feet are constantly cold, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Price: $18.95

Buy The Wonderland Company Mermaid Tail Blanket here.

11. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

unusual valentines day gifts Amazon

This Valentine’s gift is very literally unusual, as it is a book full of unusual knowledge. The book is a whopping 704 pages and covers all topics such as art, sports, the universe and more. While the information may not exactly be important for you to know in your daily life, it’s super interesting and fun to read. There is also a number of articles, lists, and games which adds to the reading. A few sample topics include: “Are plastic bags killing sacred cows in India? and “Did Ronald Reagan see not one but two UFOs during his lifetime?” The book makes the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the bookworm in your life.

Price: $12.99

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Buy The Book of Unusual Knowledge here.

12. Front Porch Classics Don’t Tip The Cows

unusual valentines day gifts Front Porch Classics

If you have a game aficionado on your valentine list, this is a really fun and unusual gift to give them. The game is called “Don’t Tip The Cows,” and it contains 18 oddly shaped blocks that looks like cows. The object of the game is to take turns stacking all of the blocks on top of each other, without being the person to knock the entire tower down. You can even take the game on the go with you as it comes in an easy to carry case. It’s best when played with two to three players, and anyone over five years old can play.

Price: $13.99 (30 percent off)

Buy the Front Porch Classics Don’t Tip The Cows here.

13. AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing DNA Ancestry Test Kit

unusual valentines day gifts Ancestry DNA

This Valentine’s Day gift is definitely outside the box, but it’s something that anyone on your valentine list will appreciate. Knowing your ancestral history is very personal, and discovering the breakdown of your DNA is a cool way to see how you are connected to the rest of the world. AncestryDNA’s consumer network includes more than six million people, so it’s pretty accurate and will help you confirm your heritage.

Price: $79

Buy the AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing DNA Ancestry Test Kit here.

14. Qualy Elephant Wall Key Holder

unusual valentines day gifts Qualy

This practical elephant key holder is the perfect gift for someone who is always losing their keys. The elephant attaches to your keys and is also an emergency whistle, and once you’re home, you can place the elephant into its own “home” that attaches to the wall. It’s the perfect way to keep your keys organized, and it’s also a super cute and unique home decor item.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Qualy Elephant Wall Key Holder here.

15. One Hundred 80 Degrees Peas in a Pod Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers

unusual valentines day gifts One Hundred 80 Degrees

If your sweetie loves to cook or collect fun kitchen items, this magnetic salt and pepper shaker set makes a great unusual Valentine’s Day gift. The adorable “peas in a pod” sit on a magnetic holder, and the entire thing is made of ceramic. The peas are hand-painted and look like boy pea and a girl pea, so this is also a nice gift for couples.

Price: $14.59 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the One Hundred 80 Degrees Peas in a Pod Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers here.

16. MOACC Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

unusual valentines day gifts MOACC

Coffee mugs make excellent gifts as there are so many different kinds, and there’s really no such thing as too many coffee mugs. This coffee mug is a little on the unusual side, as the handle is actually brass knuckles. The handle makes it really easy to hold, while also giving your friends and family a subtle message not to mess with you until you’ve finished drinking your coffee. The ceramic mug is available in four color combinations: black with gold handle, black with silver handle, white with gold handle, and white with silver handle.

Price: $12.95 and up, depending on color

Buy the MOACC Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug here.

17. Bellzi Blue Narwhal Stuffed Animal

unusual valentines day gifts Bellzi

Why give your valentine a stuffed teddy bear when you can give them a narwhal? This adorable blue narwhal is a large-sized plush animal that is perfect for kids and adults alike. Stuffed with high-density polyester stuffing, the narwhal is covered with a plush coat that is super soft for squeezing and cuddling. The fabric is also 100% allergy free, so it’s safe for all skin types. Cute and cuddly – what more could you want?

Price: $18.99

Buy the Bellzi Blue Narwhal Stuffed Animals here.

18. Worldwide Treats Snack Mix Package

unusual valentines day gifts Worldwide Treats

Instead of gifting your sweetheart with a traditional candy box, send them this unique snack box that contains snacks from all over the world. The box contains 10 different snacks ranging from candy to biscuits, and each snack comes from a different country. It’s really fun to try different food items that you wouldn’t normally try, and it makes the snacking experience way more interactive. The other bonus is that the box is always different, so you can order this in the future too and have a totally new set of snacks to try.

Price: $23.95

Buy the Worldwide Treats Snack Mix Package here.

19. BathLax Bath Wine Glass Holder

unusual valentines day gifts BathLax

This Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for the wine lover in your life. The clear caddy has two suction cups that are designed to be attached to your bath tub, so you can enjoy a glass of wine while taking a soothing bubble bath. And even though the caddy is designed for the bath, it really can attach to any smooth surface around your house. The caddy is also dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean. Pair this gift with your sweetie’s favorite bottle of wine, and you’re good to go.

Price: $9.99

Buy the BathLax Bath Wine Glass Holder here.

20. eGift Card

unusual valentines day gifts Amazon

Gift cards definitely fall into the unusual gift category on Valentine’s Day, as they are not exactly romantic. However, an Amazon eGift Card makes a great gift as the gift recipient can choose anything they want. Plus, an eGift Card can be sent immediately, so it’s perfect if you are doing some last minute shopping. Amazon even offers different Valentine’s Day images for the cards, so you can still add a personal touch. You can send a gift card of $25, $50 or a custom amount, and it can be sent via email or text message. This is an easy gift option, and one that your valentine will love as they can choose how they want to spend the money.

Price: Your Choice

Buy the eGift Card here.

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