Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas 2018


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Have you ever wondered about the best way to lavish your lady with love? Naturally, lots of attention, words of support and deeply meaningful conversations win out over everything else. But if you want to take that extra step, and get her something personal that she’ll cherish every time she wears it, nothing beats beautiful Valentine’s Day jewelry. Don’t panic about prices, because we’ve picked a selection of pieces that are both classic and trendy, versus spendy. Of course, we’ve added a few dozen more suggestions to help you amp up your Valentine’s Day gifts for her, but no matter which you choose, we promise she’ll be delighted.

From multi-strand and lariat necklaces, to gemstone rings, pendants and handcrafted bracelets, each of the items on our list can be at your door in time for Valentine’s Day, if you shop now. So why hit the mall, hassle with parking and spend hours searching, when you can browse this list and totally win at the Valentine’s game? While you might already have an idea in mind, we’ve mixed it up here, so you’ll get creative in your jewelry search. Whether your sweetheart is a super elegant, ultra-hip or more boho chic woman, we’ve got the jewelry to fit her style.

Check out these Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas, and if you need more jewelry suggestions, be sure to check out our recommendations for the Best Valentine’s Day Rings, Best Valentine’s Day Necklaces, and the Best Heart Necklaces. We’ve also got tons of other thoughtfully crafted Valentine’s Day gift lists, so no matter who you’re shopping for this year, you’ll find the perfect present.

1. 14K Rose Gold Round Amethyst Halo Pendant

amethyst necklace, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day necklace DazzlingRock Collection

If you want to put a glitter in your lady’s eye, this sparkling purple amethyst and diamond pendant is guaranteed to do it. This Valentine’s Day necklace features the super popular halo setting, meaning the gorgeous purple center stone is completely encircled in sparkling white diamonds. Set in 14k rose gold, the pendant is suspended with sterling silver chains, connected to two tiny bales on the pendant itself. At just a little over $130, it’s a wonderful tribute to your sweetheart, because the amethyst is the stone of faithful love. If you were looking for a pendant in passionate red, this beauty also comes set with a blood red garnet center stone, for a bit less cash. If you’re looking for impressive Valentine’s Day jewelry, but you’re on a pretty tight budget, we think your lady will be heads over heels about the beautiful Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Round Halo Pendant Necklace, which you can get right now for less than $25, so if you pick up a pair of earrings to match, you’ll still come in at under fifty bucks. Now that’s a totally sweet deal for your Valentine.

Price: $130.90

Buy the 14K Rose Gold Round Amethyst Halo Pendant here.

2. Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz Heart Necklace

Heart necklace, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day necklace Peora

If she’s given you her heart, now is the time to give one back to her. This pretty heart necklace is an affordable Valentine’s Day gift that looks like a million. The 3.0 carat, heart shape Swiss blue topaz is secured in a shimmering open-work sterling silver setting, topped by two pretty leaves. It comes with an 18 inch, rhodium plated sterling silver box chain that really leaves the focus on the pendant perfectly. Topaz is known to instill trust, and dispel uncertainty, so if you were ever inclined to reassure your lady love, this is a really sweet way to do it. If you’re looking for a pendant with more presence, but you love the brilliant color and gem theory of topaz, consider the Emerald cut Swiss Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace that features a huge 9.72 carat topaz that will definitely get her attention, along with everyone else’s. Because the emerald cut is roaring back on the scene, after a few decades of relative obscurity, the Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Swiss Blue Topaz Ring or the Emerald Cut Swiss Blue Topaz dangle earrings, topped with white topaz, are both beautiful Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas. Since all these pieces are so affordable, you could get her a couple of things as a wonderful surprise.

Price: $33.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz Heart Necklace here.

3. Cate & Chloe McKayla 18k White Gold Swarovski Earrings

Crystal drop earrings, valentine's day jewelry, valentines gifts for her Cate & Chloe

We simply went nuts over these crystal drop earrings a few months back, but they sold out so fast, you might not have been able to snag a set for your sweetheart. With another opportunity to get these beauties, they certainly should be contenders for your Valentine’s Day jewelry pick. Highlighted by sparkling Swarovski crystals, each stone is carefully set into a rhodium plated basket setting. The comfortable French wire style hook means she’ll wear these constantly, not just because they gorgeous, but because they are so timelessly elegant. A similarly styled earring features very uniquely cut Swarovski crystals in pale pink, purple or blue. If your lady likes a little more bling, the Cate & Chloe McKenzie 18k White Gold Swarovski Earrings are studded with crystals on the U-shape upper, that features a glittering crystal dangle to finish the design. We also think your sweetie would love the Cate & Chloe Delilah 18k White Gold Swarovski Pendant Necklace, featuring three graduated stones, or the classic Laya Ruler 18k White Gold Swarovski Pendant Necklace. Since none of these selections is more than twenty bucks, you might want to get a piece (or three) to keep in the closet for her birthday or your anniversary too.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Cate & Chloe McKayla 18k White Gold Swarovski Earrings here.

4. S.Leaf Sterling Silver Lariat Bar Necklace

lariat necklace, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day necklace S.Leaf

If you’re looking for on trend styling for your Valentine, this fashionable lariat necklace could be the perfect present for the woman on your list. Its minimalist design lets her have complete control of how it looks over sweaters and tops, because the length can be easily adjusted to her liking. That gives this Valentine’s Day necklace ultimate flexibility, which is what women love. Made of sterling silver that’s been platinum plated, this pretty piece comes in at nearly 30 inches long, to wear cinched up, double wrapped or long and loose. Some tassel threader earrings would look super cool with this necklace, but then pretty much anything looks cool with this necklace. If your sweetie happens to be a feline fancier, this same company makes absolutely adorable cat earrings that would also go with this lariat necklace.

Price: $27.99

Buy the S.Leaf Sterling Silver Lariat Bar Necklace here.

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5. Boho Chic Choker Necklace

choker necklace, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day necklace Family Jewels

Coming into the season of breezy sundresses and more casual clothes, this boho chic choker necklace will complement all her favorite outfits. Highlighted with multicolored dangling charms on a silver toned choker chain, this Valentine’s Day necklace also features sparkling gem-like charms to give it extra sparkle and shine. With eleven charms that can slide on or off, your sweetie can customize this choker when ever and however she’d like. If she totally digs that boho look, the Bohemian Multi-Colored Sequin Gold Cuff Bracelet serves up an array of crazy cool colors that can turn any bland ensemble into a wow look, and the french wire hanging hoop earrings to match gives her an even bigger color pop. If you want to step it up with a little finer boho chic look, the Silpada ‘Nightfall’ Sterling Silver, Brass, Agate, Hematite, and Pyrite Wrap Bracelet is a stunner.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Boho Chic Choker Necklace here.

6. 10K White Gold Peach Morganite & Created Pink Sapphire Three-Stone Ring with Diamonds

Morganite ring, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day rings Gem Stone King

The popularity of three stone rings is soaring, but thankfully, the price tags haven’t skyrocketed because of it. The thing your sweetheart will love about this morganite ring is the pure range of color it delivers. With a full carat champagne pink morganite stone, flanked by brilliant pink lab created half carat sapphires on each side, this beauty adds the extra sparkle of tiny channel set diamonds one both sides of the focal stones. This combination of colors seems so perfect for Valentine’s Day, and all the springtime fashions that are just coming out. Another lovely three stone ring combines a large oval created pink sapphire center stone, with sparkly white topaz side stones. If you’re thinking you might make a bigger commitment to the lady in your life, the 10K White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring features a whopping 1.65 carat center stone surrounded by glittery diamonds. These stunning 14k Gold Bezel Round Pink Sapphire Stud Earrings are also a perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry choice, especially because their setting is more unique than traditional studs.

Price: $259.99

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Buy the 10K White Gold Peach Morganite & Created Pink Sapphire Three-Stone Ring with Diamonds here.

7. NOVICA Amethyst Bracelet Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

amethyst bracelet, valentine's day jewelry, valentines gifts for her Novica

Handmade jewelry can make for a wonderful Valentine, because you can tell your sweetie that what you’ve given is, indeed, one of a kind, just like her. That’s the beauty of NOVICA jewelry. You always know you’re getting a handcrafted piece from a true artisan, not a factory. In this case, this gorgeous amethyst bracelet was made by Neeru Goel, from West Bengal. This beautiful February birthstone bracelet is set with nearly 37 carats of pure purple amethysts, some faceted and some cabochons. The intricate silver work that surrounds them is every bit as beautiful as the stones themselves, which range in color from pale to the deepest purple. This amethyst bracelet comes packaged and ready for gifting in an original NOVICA pouch. Looking for other handmade Valentine’s Day jewelry options? The NOVICA Peridot, Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Silver Plated Beaded Bracelet and the NOVICA Faceted Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Hinged Cuff Bracelet are both Valentine’s gifts for her that are real gems.

Price: $199.99

Buy the NOVICA Amethyst Bracelet Handcrafted in Sterling Silver here.

8. Silk Thread & Cultured Freshwater Pearl Multi-Strand Cluster Necklace

freshwater pearl necklace, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day necklace Chuvora

Pearls are timelessly elegant, so there’s never a time when they’ll go out of style. The beauty of this pretty freshwater pearl necklace is how delicate it looks, while delivering multiple strands of these deep sea treasures. The reason is that they’re strung on silk threads, giving a big visual look, without a lot of weight. These versatile pearls are strung in stations, so they have separation, and they range in color from white to pink to creamy gold. This Valentine’s Day necklace is a classic that your lady is going to love, especially when you tell her that pearls are all about innocence and devotion. Freshwater pearls have another benefit – they are super affordable. You can get this budget friendly Valentine’s Day jewelry for under 25 bucks, and still have budget left over for a sweet dinner date. Another cool take on the multi-strand necklace is the NOVICA Dyed Cultured Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Handmade Strand Necklace, which combines silvery freshwater pearls, glass beads and metallic strands. Naturally, if money is no object, a triple strand of cultured pearls, worthy of the first lady will only hit your wallet for a little over $3,000, and since she’s your first lady, she’s totally worth it.

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Price: $22.56

Buy the Silk Thread & Cultured Freshwater Pearl Multi-Strand Cluster Necklace here.

9. 10K Yellow Gold & Diamond Infinity Ring

infinity ring, valentine's day jewelry, valentines day rings IdealCutGems

This Valentine’s Day, give your lady love a gift that says you’re in this love game with her for the long haul. This beautiful gold and diamond infinity ring features a shimmery gold band, capped by an infinity symbol. Diamonds cascade down the band, and look threaded through the infinity design. This infinity ring is petite, so it’s perfect for stacking with her other favorites, but it makes a big promise with it’s symbolism of love everlasting. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day ring, sans stones, the 14k Yellow Gold Hooked Infinity Ring is a lovely option that still makes a statement. We also think your sweetie would swoon over the Brandy Diamonds Rose Gold Infinity Ring with both chocolate and white diamonds. If your Valentine this year just happens to be your daughter, the Sterling Silver Infinity Keepsake Ring from Precious Pieces is just adorable.

Price: $160.99 – $241.99

Buy the 10K Yellow Gold & Diamond Infinity Ring here.

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10. CHARMED BEADS Sterling Silver, Crystal “Love” & “Family” Charm Bracelet

charm bracelet, valentine's day jewelry, valentines gifts for her Amazon Collection

It’s undeniable. Charm bracelets are here to stay, and they’ve been going strong as a favorite jewelry piece for women for centuries. Why mess with a good thing, right? Plus this is one of those Valentine’s Day gifts for her that you can build on for years to come, adding special charms for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and more. This pretty charm bracelet starts with a beautiful sterling silver snake chain bracelet with a sturdy lobster claw clasp, which comes in either 7.5 or 8.5 inch lengths. Nestled onto this bracelet are a grouping of pretty sterling silver charms including a pink crystal studded round, three textured and polished silver spacer beads, a puffed heart that says family, and a dangling heart that says love. That would make a fine declaration of your feelings for your Valentine sweetheart, but if you’re inclined, you could also add the beautiful I Love You Heart Charm or a crystal studded ball charm embellished with hearts. The Radiant Red Heart Charm is another lovely gift idea, as is the super cute Kissing Emoji Charm.

Price: $69

Buy the CHARMED BEADS Sterling Silver, Crystal “Love” & “Family” Charm Bracelet here.

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