Top 10 Best Mermaid Halloween Costumes 2017


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Why do we love mermaids so much? Well, what’s not to love? They’re graceful, colorful, fun, and carefree. They have a freedom of movement through the seemingly unknowable deep that we, as humans, simply don’t. Plus they always manage to have fantastic hair.

The first mention of mermaids was in the writings of the Assyrians back in 1000 BCE, when the goddess Atargatis chose to leave land and live in the ocean. But Atargatis was so beautiful that the sea couldn’t bear to cover her, so she was only transformed halfway. From sirens to selkies, humans have been thinking about mermaids (and mermen) for at least 3000 years.

For a lot of people there’s something unexpressible about mermaids that draws them to these beautiful creatures. It’s like an odd homesick feeling for a place you’ve never been. We all have it for something.

Hans Christian Anderson’s mermaid wanted nothing more than to trade her fins for legs, and now we want to trade those legs for fins.

And we can–if only for a little while. Highly realistic, wearable mermaid tails allow us to swim like we do in our dreams. For those of us stuck on land, mermaids immediately come to mind for that one day a year when we all get to be something we aren’t: Halloween.

There are always a few challenges with a mermaid Halloween costume: primarily, how look like a mermaid but still be able to walk. But don’t worry, you won’t have to spend your Halloween hopping. You’ve got plenty of options from flared skirts, attached fins, and even 3D illusion printing.

One thing that most ancient writings of mermaids, and other merfolk, have in common is that seeing them often meant trouble. They were tricksters and mischievous, often dangerously so. That makes them an even more perfect Halloween choice for you to get into your holiday mischief.

These are the best mermaid Halloween costumes to get your fun under the sea on.

1. Leg Avenue’s Deep Sea Siren

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume

Leg Avenue

For adults who don’t want to show a lot of stomach, this two-piece costume by Leg Avenue comes with a jeweled bodice and form fitting skirt. I love the fins on this one. They stand out and away from the hem of the skirt giving you that true mermaid silhouette. The lamè skirt has an aquatic, metallic sheen to it that gives it a sort of wet look and the tulle ruffles at the waist look like smaller fins. The bodice is covered in shimmering sequins and gems and the closure in the back has a few rows of hooks so you can adjust it to your size. The skirt has some stretch to it which makes moving around easier. If you’re short like I am (five feet, no inches) plan on grabbing a good set of heels or know that you’ll have to hike this skirt up. Keep in mind when looking at sizing that the bodice runs a little small and the skirt runs a little big, so you’ll have to take your body shape into account when ordering.

Pair this glitter costume with a seashell tiara for a true princess of the sea look.

Price: From $54.50

Buy the Leg Avenue’s Deep Sea Siren here.


  • Top and bottom piece included
  • Jeweled bodice covers your whole torso
  • Unique tail profile
  • Fabric is stretchyt


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  • Wig and jewelry not included
  • Bodice runs small, especially for bustier folks

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2. Metallic Long Mermaid Tail Skirt

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume


This metallic mermaid skirt has an intricate fish scale pattern and flared bottom that mimics the look of a mermaid tail. The skirt is a one size fits all and the fabric is stretchy enough to make that work. It has an elastic waistband and I don’t know about you, but the phrase elastic waistband is like music to my ears. Being stretchy like this also means you can pull the skirt up as far as you like so it can be at your hips are more of a high-rise waist look. The skirt is a metallic polyester and you have a choice of this beautiful green, blue, or pink. The skirt doesn’t include the jewelry in the photos but you could substitute it with this intricate belly chain.

The shown matching bikini tops in green, blue, and pink are sold separately from $9.03 as well as matching sleeves for $17.95.

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Price: From $19.99

Buy the Metallic Long Mermaid Tail Skirt here.


  • Metallic fish scale skirt
  • Stretchy fabric makes walking easier
  • Matching tops and sleeves are available
  • Three colors to choose from


  • Once size fits all
  • Doesn’t include top

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3. InCharacter Costumes Tween Mermaid Costume

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume

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Straying away from us kids-at-heart, this Tween Mermaid Costume from InCharacter Costumes is a perfect look for ages eight and up. The one-piece dress has a swirling purple and blue “bodice” that velcros in the back and has sheer shoulder straps that give this a princess feel to it. The tapering skirt of the dress has purple and blue gradient fish scales creating an effect that looks like light glinting off an iridescent fish tail. A flare of purple and blue tulle creates a wide mermaid tail effect and the tulle accent around the waist adds to the appearance of fins. The material is thin and stretchy for comfort and easy movement. A glitter and sequin headpiece is included to make your little mermaid feel like royalty.

Price: $39.99

Buy the InCharacter Costumes Tween Mermaid Costume here.


  • One-piece mermaid dress for young tweens
  • Irridecent purple and blue effect
  • Stretchy fabric for easy walking
  • Includes sparkly crown


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  • Tulle is itchy
  • May be too cold for your climate

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4. Sidecca Faux Leather Holographic Mermaid Costume

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume


When I think of swimming mermaids, I think of light sparkling off those shimmering fish tails. This mermaid skirt covered in a holographic fish scale pattern is the definition of eye-catching. When the light hits this skirt, it’s show stopping. The stretchy skirt is very form fitting for a sexy silhouette and flares out at the bottom for a mermaid tail look. It’s comfortable, fairly easy to move in, and rides high on the waist to be flattering for most body types. Because it is so form fitting, it’s not a skirt that you can go jogging in and you’re going to be walking a little slower than usual, but do you see the diamond-like holographics? Totally worth it. If you need a little more movement, they offer the same style also in a shorter length. This skirt comes in this stunning silver, but also in turquoise and green.

This seashell top for $6.69 will complete a look that will certainly turn a lot of heads.

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Price: From $29.90

Buy the Sidecca Faux Leather Holographic Mermaid Costume here.


  • Brilliant holographic fish scale skirt
  • Choice of colors
  • Choice of lengths
  • Flattering waist
  • Stretchy fabric


  • Form fitting enough to limit some movement

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5. Alaroo Mermaid Leggings

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume


Just because you don’t want to wear a skirt, doesn’t mean you can’t be a fabulous mermaid for Halloween. (Or any time of year.) These fish scale leggings from Alaroo with 3D illusion fins give you the aquatic look you’re going for but still allow you full range of movement. You can run and dance to your mermaid heart’s desire. Plus they’re stretchy leggings so that’s about as comfortable as a Halloween costume gets. They are thankfully opaque, as I know I’ve ordered some leggings and ended up with thick, transparent tights which are not the same thing. What’s extra nice about these is that once Halloween is over, you can still wear these out when you’re in a mermaid mood. These unique leggings are a clever take on the traditional mermaid costume and come in iridescent pink, green and yellow, pink, and green and orange.

For a top, check out these cute crop tank tops with starfish or seashell “bras” from $35.95 so you can have a little more coverage but still feel like a sexy mermaid.

Price: From $2.90

Buy the Alaroo Mermaid Leggings here.


  • Realistic fish scale leggings
  • Doesn’t limit movement
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Many colors and patterns to choose from


  • No traditional mermaid tail

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6. California Costumes Little Mermaid Toddler Costume & Seaweed Boa

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume

California Costumes

If your little mermaid is very little, go for this adorable set from California Costumes that includes a one-piece, long sleeve dress, seashell headband, and seaweed boa. Made of fabric with plenty of stretch, your little one will have no trouble running and bouncing around with all their Halloween candy inspired energy. The top of the dress has a sequin “bra” that gathers in the center for a seashell look and has sequin-covered false straps. A lot of affordable costumes have glued on sequins that fall off every time you move, but these sequins are sewn on you don’t have constant sequin shedding. The skirt of the dress is also covered in sequins and flares out widely at the bottom for that classic mermaid fin. The seaweed boa does shed like no tomorrow, but that’s what boas do. This costume has a pink seashell headband and a ruffly waist accent, but it skips the tulle which is a kind thing to do for a toddler because that stuff can be scratchy! The Ariel red wig is sold separately for $15.61.

Price: From $18.24

Buy the California Costumes Little Mermaid Toddler Costume & Seaweed Boa here.


  • One-piece dress with fake bra and wide mermaid fin skirt
  • Sewn 0n sequins
  • Stretchy fabric for easy movement
  • Comes with headband and seaweed boa
  • Long sleeves for warmth


  • Must be hand washed and air dried
  • Might be long on some kids

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7. Smiffy’s Women’s Zombie Mermaid

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume


For some of us, Halloween is a time to scare the pants off our friends, neighbors, and anyone we pass on the street. If you like looking creepy but you still want to be a mermaid, Smiffy’s has you covered. This two-piece costume comes with a dark purple tank top and fish tail skirt with exposed fish bones pattern. The top has attached hanging mesh which looks like it could be gross shedding fish skin so that’s awful and great at the same time. The skirt is a highly iridescent purple-grey that flashes different colors when it moves in the light. Done the front of the skirt is a spine of bright white fish bones and a flared mermaid tail fin made of strips of shredded material. This mermaid hasn’t had a good week.

The skirt is ruched in the back to hug your curves (sexy zombies are a thing) and a slit in the front makes walking much easier than a lot of the other skirts. The accent fins are significantly larger on this skirt for a uniquely realistic look. Most costumes run a little small but this one runs a teeny bit big, so just keep that in mind. Check out my guide to the best Halloween makeup palettes for the tools to get this creepy purple look.

Add a simple fish skeleton necklace for a complete look, or add a super realistic fish skeleton necklace for an even more gruesome mermaid.

Price: From $34.79

Buy the Smiffy’s Women’s Zombie Mermaid here.


  • Unique take on a mermaid costume
  • Slit for easy walking
  • Flattering tailoring
  • Iridescent
  • You’ll definitely stand out


  • Runs a little big
  • Zombie mermaids aren’t for everyone

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8. Women’s Sexy Mermaid Halloween Costume

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume


If the zombie thing really isn’t for you, check out this sexier mermaid costume that hugs all your curves in metallic spandex. This one-piece dress has a halter-style top with shimmery orange seashells. If you’re looking to show some cleavage, this will get you there. If you’ve got a bust over a D cup, this might be a little too small to fit your chest. The skirt is a clinging spandex fish scale pattern that has an iridescent metallic sheen to it. It flares out around the knee to a much wider skirt than the others. The bottom has a metallic green mermaid tail and, below that, iridescent light blue layers that look like ocean waves and sea foam. This whole dress looks like a mermaid in the process of jumping out of the sea–and looking really hot while they do it. This costume is a one size fits all deal, which can have a lot of people nervous but the stretchy design of the fabric should adapt to your shape.

Add this starfish necklace and earring set for an even beachier look.

Price: $22.99

Buy the Women’s Sexy Mermaid Halloween Costume here.


  • Sexy spandex mermaid
  • Extra wide bottom for easier walking
  • Look like you’re leaping out of the ocean
  • Shiny metallic fish scale pattern


  • Once size fits all can be tricky
  • Not for large busts

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9. Mertailor Men’s Leggings in Jellyfish Dream

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, adult mermaid costume


It’s not just feminine folks who are in love with mermaids and I felt it was important to give the mermen some love. These leggings (or meggings) are made for the more male-bodied of us who are looking to get in on the fun and magic of mermaids. They are made by Mertailor, who also makes matching swimming mermaid tails shown in the video below. The leggings are made of a four-way stretch breathable spandex blend to be comfortable for long wear. They’re designed to work as a costume, workout clothing, or even as a bathing suit. Besides this multicolored pattern I’ve featured, these leggings come in five other colors including Caribbean Blue, Lorelei Green, Tequila Sunrise.

For tops, you’ve got loads of options from just not wearing one and pairing the leggings with this sliced conch fossil necklace or this 13 mako shark teeth necklace. (Depending on the style of merman you are.) If you’re prefer to cover up, you’ve got plenty of tops including this purple and light blue fish scale tank or this tee shirt that clearly identifies you as a merman.

Price: $39 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mertailor Men’s Leggings here.


  • Perfect for mermen
  • Six colors to choose from
  • Breathable and doubles as swimwear
  • Top is customizable
  • Sizes go from extra small to extra large


  • Legs might be too long for shorter folks
  • Doesn’t include top

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10. Fun Costumes Adult Mermaid Costume

mermaid halloween costume, mermaid costume, mermaid outfit, Ariel mermaid costume


Going back to a more feminine look, this mermaid costume by Fun Costumes shows just the tiniest bit of skin to evoke that traditional bikini look. This is a two-piece costume that comes with a stretchy purple crop tank top that has flattering ruffles and adjustable spaghetti straps. It will show a bit of tummy but not too much. The skirt has a zipper in the back and is very form fitting while still having some stretch. It has a layered look that you can adjust to your body shape and it flares out at the bottom in a very feminine cascade of fabric to create the mermaid fin effect. If you’re on the shorter side, plan on picking up heels. This costume comes with the starfish hair clip but none of the other accessories shown. You can purchase the seashell bag for $14.99, the seaweed boa for $9.41, and red wig for $10.90, if you’re loving the look.

Price: From $54.99

Buy the Fun Costumes Adult Mermaid Costume here.


  • Classic and classy mermaid look
  • Covers most of your torso
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Many size options
  • Includes starfish hair clip


  • Not everyone wants to show their midriff
  • Skirt is fairly long

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