Top 10 Best Cowboy Costumes for Halloween 2017


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Despite my Eastern coastal upbringing, I can’t help but love westerns. Who could? That austere, sunbleached landscape trod over by horse and rider. Those tough-guy, reticent characters who let their guns do the talking. Sure, for the most part, this is entirely fiction, but it’s that fact that makes dressing up in faux western garb perfect for Halloween.

For the most part, cowboy Halloween costumes aren’t really looking to authentically recreate anything in particular — not even Hollywood’s idea of cowboys. Mostly, you’re going for a caricature or something fun and kind of cartoony. We’ve chosen a mix of options here that cover a range of possibilities from silly to serious.

If you want to accessorize, something like this gun, holster, and badge set should fit the bill. For those who want to go the rifle route, this set should do. One thing often missing from these sets is cowboy boots. For kids, try the Country Love Little Rancher boots, which come in four colors. For adults, the Laredo Breakout Western Boot could work and it also comes in four colors. A finishing touch could be a fake goatee or mustache.

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Rustle up some imagination and check out our top ten best cowboy costumes for Halloween.

Best Cowboy Costumes for Boys

1. Forum Novelties Cowboy Kid Costume

Forum Novelties

This relatively cheap option uses cow print chaps for that cowpoke look. Included in this set are those chaps, the hat, and the vest. The red bandana must be bought separately, but even without it, you’ve got a pretty complete costume. You could also accessorize with a trick rope.

Price: $14.97 to $19.99

Buy the Forum Novelties Cowboy Kid Costume here.

2. Melissa & Doug Cowboy Role Play Costume Set

Melissa & Doug

For not much more than the last option, this set from Melissa & Doug includes five pieces for a complete look. The chaps, vest, hat, bandana, and badge are all included here. The chaps and vest are both machine washable. Maybe the best part of this one is that for $31.99, you can get the vest personalized with your child’s name embroidered on the front.

Price: $24.99 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Melissa & Doug Cowboy Role Play Costume Set here.

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3. InCharacter Rawhide Renegade Cowboy Costume


The long duster is a classic western look. This set is also a five-piece, including the jacket, vest, belt, bandana, and hat. Complement these items with handcuffs and a badge from Schylling.

Price: $35.39 to $44.69 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the InCharacter Rawhide Renegade Cowboy Costume here.

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4. Amscan Children’s Cool Cowboy Costume


For perhaps a more modern take on the cowboy costume, this option includes a western print shirt that will help your child stand out from the crowd. Also included in this package are the bandana and chaps. You’ll have to supply the hat, but this studded one would make a fine complement.

Price: $27.95 to $34.99

Buy the Amscan Children’s Cool Cowboy Costume here.

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5. Disguise Toy Story 2 Woody Costume


This list would certainly not be complete without mentioning the greatest toy cowboy Disney ever invented. This Woody costume is a bit more expensive, but it includes everything needed to pull off the look. While the other costumes on this list use separate pieces, this is in the format of a jumpsuit with everything attached. The everything includes the vest, holster, and boot covers. You also get the hat and bandana. No other accessories needed.

Price: $19.49 to $130.71

Buy the Disguise Toy Story 2 Woody Costume here.

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Best Cowboy Costumes for Men

6. California Costumes Men’s Gunfighter Costume

California Costumes

Get your Nameless Stranger on with this badass gunslinger costume. Dressed all in black you might be playing the role of the villain, but you’ll look good, so that’s all that matters. This set includes the vest, dickey with tie, jacket, holsters, and hat. No belt is included, so if you don’t want to use your own, you could add in Ruble’s Pistol and Holster Set. Comments seem to indicate that the hat might arrive crushed, but Smiffy’s makes one that ought to fit the bill if you find that to be the case. Speaking of Smiffy’s, they make a solid sheriff alternative to this costume.

Price: $49.56

Buy the California Costumes Men’s Gunfighter Costume here.

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7. Smiffy’s Fringe Cowboy Costume


More rustler than gunman, this fringe costume takes a different approach to the genre. The set comes with the vest, chaps, bandana, and hat. The belt, holster, and gun aren’t included, so you’ll have to either go with the one I mentioned in the intro, or perhaps this Kansas Replica Frontier Rifle. The plaid shirt is also not included.

Price: $37.98

Buy the Smiffy’s Fringe Cowboy Costume here.

8. Rubie’s Ride-On Inflatable Bull Rider


Okay, let’s do a couple of ridiculous ones. These inflatable costumes are getting as popular as the inflatable lawn decorations at Christmas. Included with this set is the hat, scarf, jumpsuit, and, yes, the battery-operated fan to keep the bull inflated. You can also opt for a horse version, instead.

Price: $27.10

Buy the Rubie’s Ride-On Inflatable Bull Rider here.

9. Forum Novelties Old Cowhand Costume

Forum Novelties

I first wrote about this one in last year’s best funny Halloween costumes post. It’s just ludicrous, which makes it a great choice. This year, there is an inflatable revolver to pair with it. To complete this set, which comes with hat, bandana, vest, and chaps, you’ll still want the boot covers and outrageous mustache. As for the badge, do what my mom did when I was a kid: cut a star out of cardboard and cover it in tinfoil.

Price: $24.99 (16 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Forum Novelties Old Cowhand Costume here.

10. TeeStars Cowboy Halloween Easy Costume Outfit


If you actually kind of hate Halloween and are being forced to make an appearance in costume, grab this cowboy shirt to meet the minimum requirements. It won’t set you back very much, so you don’t have to get invested in this holiday at all. Alternatively, you could pair this with an oversized foam cowboy hat just to make things delightfully weird.

Price: $11.95 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the TeeStars Cowboy Halloween Easy Costume Outfit here.

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