Top 10 Best Cheap, Clever Halloween Costumes of 2017


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Halloween spells “Fun!” for people in many different ways. This could be from social interactions, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, or choosing the perfect costume. The holiday truly brings out the silly side of people, costumed or not. But, with so many outfit ideas out there it can be hard to nail down the right one.

Of course, you could always go for something more traditional like a vampire, doctor, or princess. Well-known TV shows or movie characters are also another popular route. Or, you could choose a cheap and clever Halloween costume instead.

Cheap and clever doesn’t need to look cheap and clever, however. It can look like you put loads of thought into it–when all you did was throw something together because it made you cackle with laughter.

Use these cheap and clever Halloween costume ideas as a springboard to making one of the best costumes on the planet.

1. Dick Tater

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As far as costumes go, this is probably one of the easiest clever Halloween costumes on the planet. You literally need some twine and a potato. Place the tater on your crotch, and find a comfortable place for it. Wrap the veggie in twine, securing it, and then tie the twine comfortably around your waist. Voila–dictator…er dick tater!

Price: $0.99

Buy a Russet Potato here.

2. Cereal Killer

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An easily recognizable play-on-words, this clever Halloween costume requires a fake, bloody butcher knife, and an empty box of cereal. Simply slice a hole in the middle of the box, and slide in the bloody knife. Secure with hot glue, or keep it free for added effect. Add a Jason mask, if you’re feeling particularly dastardly.

Price: $5.95 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Halloween Weapon Knife – Butcher here.

3. ‘Sugar’ Daddy

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This clever Halloween costume can also be made into a “sugar” mommy, as well. Simply purchase a large bag of sugar, and place it in the doll stroller. Alternatively, use a baby carrier to hold the sugar. Add in a “World’s Best Dad” or “World’s Best Mom” shirt, and you’re golden.

Price: $19.99

Buy the My First Doll Stroller with Basket here.

4. A Bag of Eminems

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While we all love chocolate, this clever Halloween costume is focused more on the music scene. Eminem…not M&M. Simply go online, print out a bunch of pictures of the rapper Eminem, cut them out, and attach them to a contractor or garbage bag. In the corners of the plastic bag, cut leg holes. If need be, cut arm holes, as well, depending on your height. Step inside, and you’re rockin’.

Price: $25.90

Buy the Contractor Trash Bags here.

5. Kevin Bacon

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This clever Halloween costume is pretty self explanatory. Slide on your bacon costume, and attach a “Hello, my name is ______” name tag. In the blank space, write “Kevin”. Boom. Kevin Bacon.

Price: $21.56

Buy the Bacon Strip Costume here.

6. Holy Cow

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Another clever play-on-words, this Halloween costume can be as dressed up or as dressed down as you like. Step into a cow onesie (or make your own cow costume by sewing black felt dots on a white shirt). Add a halo or some angel wings, and you’ll be the holiest of cows.

Price: $22.99 – $26.66

Buy the Cow Costume Sleepsuit here.

7. Wonder Bread

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Sandwich holders + super heroes = a pretty dang clever Halloween costume. Simply put on a Wonder Woman costume, and then attach a piece of bread. If you’re not a big fan of dropping breadcrumbs everywhere (or you’re gluten-free and just don’t want to mess with it), opt to purchase an actual bag of Wonder Bread, and attach some twine, to fashion a little sling over your shoulder.

If you’re looking for a more low-key Wonder Woman costume, check out this awesome alternative.

Price: $31.19 – $98.99

Buy the Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Corset Costume here.

8. Dr. Pepper

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Oh I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper, we’re a pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper, too? Dr. Pepper was bound to make an appearance. Throw on a doctor costume, or heck even just a doctor coat, and write “Dr. Pepper” on a “Hello, my name is_____” name tag. Easy as pie.

Price: $12.69

Buy the Men’s E.R. Doctor Costume here.

9. Baked Beans

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Old Glory

Beans, beans the magical fruit…Beans come in many shapes and forms, so you can attack this clever Halloween costume from a few angles. First is with the above Jelly Beans t-shirt. Second, is with a coffee bean t-shirt. But what about the baked part? Baked, like stoned. Pair this outfit with a beanie, some weed socks, and a perpetually stoney look. Add in a joint for added effect.

Price: $26.95 – $30.95

Buy the Jelly Beans All Over Adult T-Shirt here.

10. Dumbledora the Explorer

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This clever costume focuses on two entirely different worlds: Harry Potter and Dora the Explorer. To make this costume work, you’ll need Dora’s orange shorts, pink shirt, and backpack. Plus, you’ll need Dumbledore’s hat, and his beard. You’ll be giving sage advice, and yelling, “Swiper, no swiping!” in no time.

Price: $24.95

Buy the Albus Dumbledore Tassel Hat here.

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