Tia ‘LauraLania’ Zimmer Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Tia “LauraLania” Zimmer (Facebook)

Popular internet streamer and gamer Tia “Laura Lania” Zimmer has reportedly gone missing after a Twitch party at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles.

She was reported missing when her friends hadn’t heard from her after the June 14 party in the LA area. She never returned back to the hotel where her and her friends were staying, friends say.

According to Zimmer’s social media accounts, she once resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but now lives in Irvine, California.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Zimmer Tweeted She Was In a Casino and is ‘Fine’

Late in the evening June 15, she tweeted that she was fine and her phone was dead. She said that she was in a casino and had “no idea” there was a massive search out for her.

2. Zimmer Disappeared After Attending a Party Near E3


Zimmer was reported missing by one of her friends on Twitter that goes by the handle @Ashleeeeen.

She posted to Facebook on June 10 asking which of her friends were going to attend the E3 Conference.


LauraLania’s last tweet was before she went to the Twitch party. She said, tagging two of her friends that were also going to the party, “we are going to start early because we plan on sleeping early.”

3. She Is Reported as Last Being ‘Very Intoxicated’ in a Lyft


Actress Shannon Baker said that her Lyft driver “swears she picked” up Laura Lania and brought her to a location, adding that she appeared to be “very intoxicated.”

Baker said that the Lyft driver said that her passenger’s name was “definitely” Tia.

One Twitter user said that he may have seen her after the party near a taxi cab. He said she had a “familiar face” and may have been the wearing black shorts, as described in her attire for the evening.

4. Zimmmer Is a Popular Twitch Streamer & Host


Zimmer’s LinkedIn account says that she has been a show host and a Tritch partner since January 2014.

Her Twitch channel has almost 10,000 subscribers and 77 videos.

In her “about me” section of her LinkedIn account, Zimmer says that she enjoys “adventure” whenever possible.

I want to provide adventure where anyone can play no matter what kind of time limits they have in their personal lives. Change the way the world is shaped and leave permanent impressions.

I can not thank my community enough for all their hard work and dedication. Never giving up on our dreams. I have an amazing community and team of people that want to help make your goals our goals. To always remember that even when we are looking to the future that we are still helping every single person in the present.

Don’t walk the road already built, weave a web all your own.

5. Word Has Spread Fast on the Internet of Her Disappearance


The post calling for help finding her has spread across the internet as people try to get the word out as they try to locate her.

In five hours, the Tweet had over 18,000 retweets and was the top post on reddit. No word has been made about her whereabouts yet, but her friends say they have filed a police report.

The same Twitter user said that she had heard reports she was found, but wanted to wait on a “verbal confirmation” of her whereabouts.

Her LinkedIn account lists her as a broadcaster and said she used to reside in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In addition to being a streamer, she is a “partner” at GamerSups, an energy drink designed for gamers.