Theunis Botha: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Theunis Botha Facebook page

Theunis Botha pictured with his Facebook page.

Big game hunter Theunis Botha was out to kill animals in South Africa but got a taste of his own medicine when he was crushed to death by an elephant. Netwerk 24 in the Rainbow Nation reports that Botha had taken a group of hunters into the bush in Gwai, Zimbabwe, on May 19. The station says that the a group of female elephants charged at the group. As Botha prepared to shoot, another elephant ran at him from the side, capturing the hunter in her tusk. One of Botha’s co-hunters shot the elephant who proceeded to fall on Botha, crushing him to death.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Botha Operated a Tour Company That Brought Rich Foreigners to Africa to Kill Animals

Botha founded Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris and Hounds in 1989. The company specializes in bringing the rich and wealthy to the African bush to kill animals. Specific targets of the hunts include lions and leopards. Botha operated the company with his wife, Carike.

On his official website, Botha says that his family first came to South Africa in 1878. The Botha family adapted to life in their new home by becoming hunters and operating farms. The page reads, “In the year of ’66 Theunis became the latest addition to this family, and was privileged to be raised in the ways of the bush and its people.”

2. In April 2017, One of Botha’s Close Friends Was Killed by Crocodiles in Zimbabwe

Scott Van Zyle Theunis Botha

Scott Van Zyl pictured on his Facebook page.

The Netwerk 24 report on Botha’s death also says that he was a close friend of Scott Van Zyl, 44. In April 2017, Zyl, a fellow big game hunter, was killed in Zimbabwe by a group of crocodiles while fleeing elephants.

3. Botha’s Daughter Has Turned Her Facebook Page Into a Shrine for Her Father

Carmen Botha Hunter Daughter Facebook page


Since her father’s passing, Botha’s daughter, Carmen, has turned her Facebook page into a shrine. She has posted several photos that show her with her father. Her profile photos shows the pair, with Carmen, now 21, one standing over a dead gazelle.

4. Botha Had College Degrees in Psychology & Anthropology

On his official bio, Botha says that he attained the rank of sergeant in the South African army while fighting in the Angolan war of the 1980s. After leaving the service, the army paid of his college education where he got degrees in psychology and anthropology.

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5. Botha’s Death Has Divided People on Social Media

The reaction to Botha’s death has divided social media. One friend wrote on Botha’s page, “RIP Theunis Botha. Our heartfelt condolences to Carike and family. He was a great man! So sad!”

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