‘The Voice’ 2017 Contestants So Far – Season 13 Blind Audition Winners 10/2/2017


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Last week was the start of season 13 for The Voice, kicking the show off with an all-new batch of blind auditions. Tonight, the blind auditions continue, with coaches Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine all on the hunt for singers to add to their teams. Prior to tonight, each of the coaches have added several artists to their teams and we have the rundown on each of them below.

Keisha Renee

Renee has a young daughter named Amari and she grew up in Los Angeles, singing in church. After graduating from high school, she moved to Houston and became a lover of country music. She has been a professional background singer for many years and for the last five years, she’s been singing for Nicki Minaj. Previously, Renee weighed well over 300 pounds and she has since dropped the weight. She said that losing all the weight helped her to gain more confidence in herself as a music artist.

With Renee having such a love for country music, star Blake Shelton was a great fit as a coach for her.

Chris Weaver

Chris Weaver is from New York and he is a church leader … but he is also a drag queen. Fortunately, he says that church is a huge part of his life, and that his church has been very accepting of his lifestyle. His drag alter-ego is Nedra Belle. His blind audition on The Voice wasn’t the first time that Weaver performed for new Voice coach Jennifer Hudson. Previously, he performed at a Broadway party, where Hudson threw a shoe at him as a compliment for his brilliant vocals. And so, Weaver chose Jennifer Hudson to be his coach, after a four-chair turn from all the judges.

Brandon Showell

Brandon Showell is a part of coach Adam Levine’s team this season. He is a 7th grade teacher and says that his students actually don’t know he’s an aspiring music artist when he’s not in the classroom. He and his fiancee hope to get married soon and Showell hopes The Voice will help him with his next step in life.

Though Showell was very happy to hear Jennifer Hudson was on the show this season, he ended up going with Levine as his coach.

Ashland Craft

Craft tried out for The Voice in hopes of moving on from small town gigs and she performed the song “You Are My Sunshine” for her audition. Fortunately for Craft, she succeeded in her audition and ended up with Miley Cyrus as her coach.

Dave Crosby

Adam Levine is the coach for singer Dave Crosby this season and he felt a very special connection to Crosby, as the singer is actually known for his YouTube channel, on which he performs with his 4-year-old daughter Claire. Levine ended up knowing who Crosby and his daughter were from a Randy Newman cover they did. And so, Claire took the stage to perform. Levine said that after his own little girl was born, someone messaged him with a video of Crosby and his daughter that made him burst into tears.

Crosby’s little girl has actually appeared on Steve Harvey’s show Little Big Shots, along with The Ellen Degeneres Show. According to Crosby and his wife Ashley, their little girl Claire is a major fan of The Voice. Crosby and his wife also have a little boy.

For Crosby’s blind audition, he performed the soft song “Follow You Into the Dark.”

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Maharasyi is 27 years old and hails from Los Angeles, California, while her family comes from Indonesia. Her mother has raised her with her and her siblings as a single mother. What’s most interesting, is that Maharasyi’s aunt is a famous music star in Indonesia and her name is Emilia Contessa. Maharasyi says her aunt is pretty much the Whitney Houston of Indonesia.

She went into her blind audition as a wedding singer and came out as a contestant on Jennifer Hudson’s team, though going into it, she said she was interested in being on Miley Cyrus’ team.

Janice Freeman

Janice Freeman said that her life has had a focus on pushing through adversity. After Freeman had her daughter at the age of 21, she went through many ups and downs in her life. And, when Freeman’s child was just four years old, her father died of cancer. This truly left Freeman to be a single parent. Then, in 2012, Freeman was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but today she is cancer-free. Fortunately, she has started anew and met her current husband on her journey. The two have a band together.

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Miley Cyrus was able to bring Janice Freeman onto her team after her blind audition, with a performance of the song “Radioactive”.

Brooke Simpson

Brooke Simpson is on Miley Cyrus’ team this season and she is 100% Native American. Simpson is very proud of her tribe and her heritage, as are her parents, who are full-time evangelists. Simpson started singing harmonies with her parents at just 7 years old and now she hopes to live out her dreams as a music star.

Dylan Gerard

Dylan Gerard performed the song “Say You Won’t Let Go” for his blind audition on the show and it led him to be a part of Adam Levine’s team. Levine said he appreciated Gerard’s subtlety in his performance, while Jennifer Hudson said she saw a lot of potential in Gerard.

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Gerard works as a nurse’s assistant and he hopes to resuscitate his music career. He is also a Maroon 5 super fan.

Lucas Holiday

Lucas Holiday is part of Team J-Hud, which is Jennifer Hudson’s team on the show. He actually shocked the judges with his blind audition, explaining that he does not look how he sounds. He also calls himself a “surprise.” Holiday is a cashier, who is known as the “singing cashier” and for his blind audition, Holiday performed the song “This Woman’s Work”. The judges could not get over the man behind the voice and Jennifer Hudson was the only coach to turn around her chair, so it was an automatic win for her.

Holiday hails from Michigan and coach Blake Shelton compared him to actor Kelsey Grammer from the show Frasier.

After attaining Holiday as a contestant on her team, Hudson insisted she sing a duet with him on stage, so the two engaged in a passionate rendition of a gospel song.

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Shi’Ann Jones

Performer Shi’Ann Jones is part of Jennifer Hudson’s team this season, as Hudson was the very first coach to turn her chair around at the beginning of Jones’ blind audition. At just 15 years old, Jones has a mature voice beyond her years.

Jones hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Red Marlow

Red Marlow is a construction worker who is a part of Blake Shelton’s team on the show this season. While Marlow ended up with Shelton as his coach, Miley Cyrus fought very hard for him as well.

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Marlow says he’s about as country as anyone could get and that he grew up with his father as a preacher. Working for his own construction company “Mr. Fix It All”, Marlow put his music career on the back burner a bit.

Mitchell Lee

Mitchell Lee is a team member for Blake Shelton this season and he is a wood-worker from South Carolina. He has been renovating a bus and hopes to make it into a tiny house, where he can focus on his song-writing. Originally, he wanted to go to military school and even had a passion for dentistry. But, he said that his mother always envisioned him as a music artist. Sadly, just a few weeks before graduating college, his mother died. As a result, Leee then decided to pursue music. For his blind audition on The Voice, he performed the song “Hold My Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish.

Esera Tuaolo

Esera Tuaolo is a singer who is a contestant on country artist Blake Shelton’s team. Tuaolo is actually a major athlete, who used to be a part of the Green Bay Packers, among many other teams, and he even played in the Super Bowl at one point in his NFL career. He also has performed the National Anthem as an NFL player. Because of his successful football career, he put his musical aspirations on the back burner for a while.

He said that after he ended his run in the NFL, he came out as gay to his family and felt a big weight lifted off of his chest. He is 48 years old and hopes to “reach for the stars”. He wants to “be true to himself” by being on The Voice and for his blind audition, he performed the song “Rise Up.”