‘The Blacklist’ Cast Spoilers: Season 5 Premiere


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“Smokey Putnam (#30)” Episode 501 — Pictured: (l-r) James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen.

Tonight is the season 5 premiere of The Blacklist at 8pm ET/PT on NBC.

Ryan Eggold will be returning this season as Tom Keen. Recently, Eggold spoke to People about how excited he is to reprise his role, and where season 5 will pickup. “It’s great to be back!” Eggold, 33, said. “We did Redemption for a bit, which was really fun, but I missed the cast. I’m now trying to get back in shape, of course.”

Discussing the action this season, Eggold said, “[Tom] becomes obsessed with figuring out who this is and why he was tasked with figuring that out. He’s chasing down different leads with the understanding that it affects Liz in a very big way. Now that we know Red is Liz’s father, he’s trying to deal with that, but I don’t think he trusts Red and never has.”

Liz, meanwhile, will be busy working for her father, who will be busy persuading the FBI that his team can be of use in future missions. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Megan Boone revealed that Liz is such a fan of working with Red, she’d even choose him over a job at the bureau. “Adventures with her dad, Red, get her out of her overly serious life, and she moves Red a little closer to a moral center. Everyone else on The Blacklist Taskforce will ultimately cast dispersions at some point, because her actions as a CI’s liaison will sometimes be colored with her allegiance to her father,” Boone said. “I think what she will do — because of her loyalty to him — surprises her sometimes, but her work means a lot to her. She ultimately wants to be a good agent.”

Everything has changed now that Liz knows that Red is her father. The mystery has been solved, but now Liz feels that there is a familial obligation to keep her dad out of trouble. Boone has hinted that certain criminals will threaten her fathers empire, which will serve as key points of conflict this season.