‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Break Up & Cheating Rumors


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On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we see Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier’s relationship go through a very rocky time. And, just recently, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Portwood has called off her wedding to Baier. In a statement about the current state of her relationship, Portwood said:

As of now, we are not broken up. I can’t say we’re together right now and I can’t say we aren’t together right now.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Baier took a lie detector test, asking him if he’s cheated on Portwood, and he allegedly failed it. Apparently, Portwood chatted with Dr. Drew’s wife, Susan Pinsky, on her podcast, about what was going on.

Baier did confirm taking a lie detector test, but did not comment on the results. However, he did say:

Amber and I have been through an awful lot worse for the last three years. We’re constantly battling outside forces who try to inject themselves into our relationship.

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E! News reported that the couple decided to put their wedding on hold, which led to speculation that they were broken up. An insider commented on the split news, saying that:

For the time being, Matt and Amber’s engagement is on hold. They are working on their relationship. A lot has come out through the course of filming and from various online stories. That has added extra pressure and made things difficult. They’ve both been open about their personal struggles, but it hasn’t been easy when their lives are under such heavy scrutiny. Despite their issues, they are still living together and are hopeful things can be fixed.

People recently interviewed the couple and Portwood stuck up for her man, saying:

I feel so bad for this guy … There’s a reason why we’re together. First of all, because he’s a badass motherfucker. Nobody knows this. Me? C’mon now. Everything I’ve been through, you think I’m naive? People say, oh God I get that all the time, ‘You’re so naive. You’re so this.’ We’ve broken up I don’t know how many damn times.

Portwood and Baier first got engaged in March 2015 and Portwood has come a long way since her early days on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant.

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