Yes, Flower “Crowns” for Dogs Exist


Rachel Crocetti

Apr 18, 2017 @ 5:15 pm

Unless you have somehow avoided the general public in the past week, you probably know that Coachella (and music festival) season is upon us. With that, comes a ton of fringe, denim, and of course, flower crowns.

At any given music festival, you are sure to see a perfectly crafted flower crown atop at least one festival-goers neon-haired head. One Etsy shop owner and her mother are taking this popular trend and turning into the boho accessory of your dog’s dreams.

Alena and her mother Viktoria from Cherkasy, Ukraine, own the Etsy shop MarsDogShop, where they create beautiful one-of-a-kind flower collars. While flower crowns are technically the trend, there are very few dogs who would tolerate having a load of flora atop their furry head, so the flower collar was born.

Alena and her family took in an adorable Shih-Tzu puppy named Mars, who was the inspiration for the shop. Alena and her mom wanted to stage a photo shoot for their new pup, but they couldn’t find any fun accessories for the tiny canine. Viktoria wound up making a handmade collar with flowers made from foam and cut-by-hand. The duo irons the flowers to create the natural form of a flower or the foliage around it. They also tone the flowers to create special and beautiful colors. The flowers are attached to leather or organza to make the perfect unique accessory for your pup.

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The collars look totally real and are perfect for a wedding ceremony, event, or just everyday wear for the boho pup in your life. While real flowers may wilt throughout a long wedding ceremony (or seem like a fun snack to Fido!), these collars will stay alive and beautiful all day long. Not to mention, each collar takes a lot of time to make since they are done by hand, so they are made with a special amount of love.

If you’re looking for the best gift for a new pup-owner, or are honestly just looking to bring your pup’s insta-status up to Menswear Dog-level, these flower collars will definitely do the trick!

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