These Sheets Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bed

Once in a blue moon, a brand new bedding comes along that we quickly become infatuated with for their clear vision, high quality goods, and impeccable style. These days, our obsession is Morrow. The LA-based textile company was launched last fall by an unexpected mix of professional fields—a denim designer, architect, graphic designer, and a VP of digital content—who are so damn picky, they had to design their own special line of bedding and blankets to acquire exactly what they wanted for their own homes. And lucky us, we get to benefit from their vision and hard work. 

If you’re the type of person who values quality over quantity, timelessness over trends, and luxury over fast fashion, then this new bedding brand  is right up your alley. Their collection includes a range of high quality blankets and sheets, inspired by the colors that are found in nature, and are intended to work effortlessly together. And it’s worth noting that there is something quite special and unique about the hues: The yellow is just the right mix of mustard and canary, while the mauve ever so slightly leans towards purple in the best kind of way. It’s these subtle, unexpected shades that really make the line feel elevated and unique. 

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In fact, why don’t we let two of the founders Stephanie Cleary and Michelle Paul Toney tell you more about Morrow in their own words. 

InStyle: Why did you start this brand?

Morrow: “We were at a moment in life where home started to mean more to us. We were both relatively  recently married and starting our first homes as married couples, and we wanted to find beautiful, long lasting things to fill it with. We just couldn’t find textiles that matched our visions so we decided to start something.” -Michelle Paul Toney

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Hana Ardelean of Tiger Tiger Studio

What sets your products apart from others? 

“Quality and design set us apart. We are obsessed with materials, textures, feel and how something will wear in your home. There is no of-the-moment gimmick behind Morrow – we simply want to make the world’s most stylish, comfortable and durable soft goods.” -Michelle Paul Toney

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What are your hopes for this brand?

“We hope we become synonymous with beautiful, long lasting textiles that people treasure and share with their friends. We love it when customers talk about how they never want to get out of bed thanks to our linen, or how visitors always compliment them on their throw.” -Michelle Paul Toney

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Tell us a little bit about the design and production process.

“Everything is intended to look and feel effortless – casual in it’s own elevated way. Since the beginning our focus has been on creating product that is grounded in quality and design. The process for design and production can take up to 1 ½ years for us because most of our manufacturers are artisans running small operations all over the world. In some cases it’s taken us a year to finish sampling and start production.” -Stephanie Cleary

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What can we expect from Morrow in the future? 

“We’re really excited about launching a new collection this fall/holiday. It’s a range of pillows and 2 large blankets that can also be wall hangings. Each one is one-of-a-kind and hand woven in Mexico by a single artisan. We chose to do these designs in Mexico due to the region’s traditional expertise with raw cotton. It’s an example of something that has taken a year and a half to develop, perfect and produce. This capsule is dear to my heart and something I’ve had in mind ever since we started Morrow.” -Stephanie Cleary

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Can you tell me about the color palette and where you looked for inspiration? 

“The palette is neutral with subtle pops of color that complement the rooms they’re in without overpowering them. Whether it be from an overseas vacation or a late night pinterest binge, it tends to link back to nature. We recently launched Fern, Orchid, and Sea Foam over the past few months. Fern and orchid were inspired by New Zealand’s spring bloom and sea foam by hazy summer days in Los Angeles.” -Stephanie Cleary

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Hana Ardelean of Tiger Tiger Studio
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