The Easter Bunny’s Got Nothing on This Adorable Instagram Star

You’ve seen all the Instagram-famous dogs and cats. You may have even read up on this famous pig. But have you clicked “follow” on the most adorable bunny on social media right now?

Cleo the Bunny is a cute long-haired rabbit living in N.Y.C. with her mom, Diana Yen, who is a food stylist for The Jewels of New York. Cleo can often be found hopping around the studio or her apartment, taste-testing recipes from Yen’s cookbook, A Simple Feast ($18; Appointed with the very important position of “Produce Specialist” at the creative studio, Cleo is just another hardworking New York City girl.

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However, one thing that sets her apart from the rest of us is her more than 27k followers on Instagram, who love to keep up with her travels and adventures. With Easter just around the corner, Cleo had just a few minutes to chat with us.

Wishing you sweet fuzzy dreams ☁️☁️☁️

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InStyle: Cleo! We are so excited to chat with you. Tell us your story, how did you and your mom meet?

Cleo: My mom was looking for an apartment pet and heard that bunnies are the best! We are friendly like puppies and quiet like kitties. But best of all, we can be litter-trained and roam free around the house.

She came to pick me up from a farm and whisked me away to live in the Big Apple. I’ve gone from country bumpkin to city gal!

Spoiled by shoot leftovers this week! Thanks @dominomag & @taittingerusa ����

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IS: You don’t look like most bunnies. What sets you apart? Are you a special breed?

Cleo: Yeah I’m kind of known for my smoky eyes and soft coat. I’m an English Angora, which means I’m extra fluffy. I’ve got temperamental fur and need to be brushed daily with a Mason Pearson brush. And of course I need blow outs when I’m on a shoot. I didn’t just wake up like this.

Will dance around foolishly for food! Especially sweet slices of cantaloupe ��

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IS: Your job title is “Produce Specialist” at Jewels of New York. What does that entail?

Cleo: Even bunnies have to work in N.Y.C., it’s not easy. I love my job, though! I work for Jewels of New York, a food styling studio. I’m the Produce Specialist there, which means it’s my job to taste all the produce that comes in and make sure that everything is super fresh. Spring is the best season for baby carrots, fresh kale, and berries.

Produce check on set ✔️

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IS: And your favorite snacks?

Cleo: I absolutely love blueberries and bananas. My momager/boss makes me dance around like a freakshow to eat these treats but it’s still worth it.

Summer I’m feelin ya!

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IS: You seem to do a lot of traveling around New York. Where are your favorite places to go in the city?

Cleo: When I’m hanging out local, I head over to my favorite secret garden in Nolita. It’s called Elizabeth Street Garden—shhhh don’t tell. It’s got beautiful sculptures and is enclosed, so usually I make a picnic and hang out there.

Afterwards I usually grab an iced coffee and window shop my favorite clothing shops, like Creatures of Comfort and Rachel Comey. I’m looking for a new hat this spring.

Showing @doodlemeteddy who’s boss ������ #girlpower

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IS: How is having a pet bunny different than having a dog or cat?

Cleo: I’m way cuter obviously. And I’m purely vegetarian and have a super clean diet. We can actually share a salad together, but hold the dressing on mine.

Now where did I hide that carrot? ��

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IS: You MIGHT be the most insta-famous bunny we’ve met. What do you do to relax when you’re not posting for your 27.6k followers?

Cleo: I’m just like any city girl. I meet up with friends and do brunch, buy shoes I can’t afford, and get my nails done at Paintbox. And Tinder—don’t even get me started. Might have to move to upstate New York to start swiping right.

Getting ready for my Easter bunny shoot today @dominomag

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IS: Easter is coming up! How do you prefer to celebrate?

Cleo: Easter is my favorite of course! I get to be the star of the party and usually hop around while all my friends scurry around looking for eggs. And then we dig into brunch. It’s the best!

For more adorable photos and tidbits, follow Cleo on Instagram @Cleo_thebunny.

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